Saturday, February 6, 2010

Watch FREE Movies on the Internet: (NO LONGER RECOMMENDED)

I was on Twitter a few weeks ago and found a tweet about watching free movies on the internet. I would not recommend anything in this blog without trying it myself. So I went to to see if it was true. And sure enough, it is.

I have watched "The Ugly Truth", "Couples Retreat", and "Amelia" so far. And all for FREE. The movies are uncut and commercial free and play 24/7. You can get a schedule of what is playing next by following @spmmovies on Twitter.

Now obviously, this is a good thing if you don't mind watching movies on a computer instead of a TV. And it is like HBO or Showtime, where the movies are on a schedule so you have to watch whatever is on. There are also google ads running along the bottom of the movie screen and there is a 20 second ad before the movie begins to play. But for FREE, it's still a good deal.

Now what should I watch next?.

UPDATE - 4/22/10 - I guess the FREE movie model was not working and the owner decided to change the site. So I am no longer recommending this site.


  1. This is awesome! I'm very behind when it comes to movies, so this is a great way to catch up!!

  2. Sweet! Thanks for posting this. I'd normally be wary of something like this but I know we can trust it if you tried it out already.

  3. Jackie,
    Have you been to this website lately? From what I see they no longer offer the free movies.