Wednesday, February 8, 2012

FOOD REVIEW: Health-full® Nutty Grain Bread by Brownberry®

Fiber - the very word can be scary....  

We all know that we need fiber in our diets, but most of the food that contains fiber tastes like cardboard or sawdust.  So I was very happy that BzzAgent asked me to try a line of bread called Health-full®.

Health-full® breads are packed with whole grains and tons of fiber so if you are trying eat better in 2012, this bread has got your number. But all the fiber in the world will remain uneaten if it does not taste good. And I am very glad to report that this bread is delicious.

I reviewed the Health-full® Nutty Grain Bread by Brownberry®. The first thing that I loved was when I opened the bag and the smell of fresh bread hit my nose - it was wonderful. When a removed a slice from the bag I noticed that the bread was very soft and moist.  I first ate a slice with my lunch and I really could not tell that this was whole grain bread. Each slice has 5 grams of fiber and only 80 calories. There are also no artificial flavors, colors nor preservatives.

The bread was so delicious that I had two slices for breakfast, toasted, with a pat of butter and some jam. Again, it was totally delicious and I could not believe that I was getting great taste and 10 grams fo fiber.

Health-full® Breads come in 4 varieties - 10 Grain, Nutty Grain, Hearty Wheat and Flax & Fiber, but I found my neighborhood Kroger only carried the Nutty Grain and 10 Grain flavors. The Health-full® Bread at my local Kroger store retailed for $4.29 for a 1lb 8oz loaf.

If you are looking for a bread that you can use to eat more healthy and that also tastes great, you should really try out Health-full® Breads.

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Disclosure: BzzAgent sent me a free product coupon so that I could try out a complementary loaf of Health-full
® bread.  All opinions are my own.

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