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GIVEAWAY: Gain can put some Spice in Your Bedroom for Valentine's Day & beyond - ENDS 2/16 (CLOSED)

Chocolate is not on every woman's Valentine's Day list...

I remember when my son was two years old.  He was still not sleeping through the night and I was exhausted.  When asked what I wanted for a gift, I said an uninterrupted nap and a new sink faucet in the bathroom.  And that was what I got.  My son was whisked away with his dad and they had my bathroom faucet replaced while I slept.  It was one of the BEST gifts I have ever received...

So I was not surprised when Gain recently conducted a survey through Wakefield Research that found more Americans with a significant other believe that having their significant other do their laundry is more romantic than buying them chocolates. I know from experience it's the day-to-day grind that kills you and having someone help take on those responsibilities, if just for one day, makes you feel good.

Gain can put some Spice in Your Bedroom...
Flirty Fresh Gain Forget-Me-Not dryer bar and Gain Fireworks in-wash scent booster can help put an extra spark in the bedroom by adding a spicy scent boost to your linens!

I usually buy unscented laundry products, but I tried out some Gain scented liquid detergent while on Christmas break and loved the smell.  So I was looking forward to trying out some more Gain scented products.

Gain Fireworks in-wash scent booster are crystals that can be added in any amount to your washer.  The more you add, the more scent you are distributing into the wash water.  I just added about a 1/3 of a cap since I just wanted a little scent to my sheets.  The scent is fresh and clean if you add a little, but if you really want an intense smell, add a whole cap.  My sheets were washed three days ago and they still smell fresh and clean due to the scent booster.

Gain Forget-Me-Not dryer bar sticks to the inside of the dryer and gives your items static control, softness and a flirty fresh scent.  Sticking the bar inside the dryer is very easy.  Just peel off the backing and apply to an area between the dryer fins.  After I washed my son's sheets, I dried them after installing the dryer bar and they came out with a light fresh scent - nothing over powering, just fresh.  One bar can last 2 to 3 months depending on how often you wash.

Three (3) FREEISMYLIFE readers will each win their own Gain Fireworks Scent Booster and Gain Forget-Me-Not Dryer Bar. HOLLA to the FREE!


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- The contest ends on Thursday, February 16, 2011 at 11:59am EST.

- The winner will be selected by random number generation.

- Gain or their PR company will be responsible for mailing the prize to the winner.


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Disclosure: I was sent complementary Gain products in order to write this review and state my unbiased opinion. has spoken! Out of 170 entries, has picked the following 3 winners of the Gain "Put Spice in Your Bedroom" Prize Packs. Congratulations to:

#019 - Helen T. of Orlando, FL
#102 - Laura B. of Springdale, AR
#111 - Michelle S. of Skokie, IL

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