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Original 1903 Ford Model A on display at this week's North American International Auto Show #NAIAS

See this 1903 Model A at the auto show this week...Photo credit: J Harper
See a piece of Ford and Metro Detroit history at this week's Detroit Auto Show...

On December 11, 2012, I was one of a few Ford employees who snagged a seat (and some great photos) at a press conference that revealed one of the oldest surviving cars sold by Ford Motor Company back in 1903 - a Model A Rear Entry Tonneau.

Photo credit: J. Harper
This Model A, which Bill Ford Jr. purchased at auction this year and restored, was one of the first three cars sold by Henry Ford and retailed for around $800, which was not a small piece of change back in that time period.  I thought it was very interesting that the car was originally sold to a dairy farmer - I guess milk was a very lucrative enterprise back in the day.

The color of this this Model A is just beautiful - Photo Credit: J. Harper
Another surprising thing about this car that stunned everyone when Bill Ford Jr. took off the draping is the color - which is a beautiful candy apple red. We are all aware of Henry Ford's motto that you can buy any type of car you wanted from him - as long as the color was black, black, or black. This car was made well before the now famous Ford mass production assembly line, hence the beautiful color.

Bill Ford Jr. shared during the press conference that this car was one of three that Henry Ford had to sell fast if he was to keep his company from going under.  We all know that Ford Motor Company not only did not go belly up, but survives to this day employing many people in Metro Detroit and around the world.

Everyone can see this car on display this week at the North American International Auto Show before it helps kick off a yearlong celebration of the 150th anniversary of Henry Ford's birth. Make sure you stop by and see it before the show ends on Sunday...

North American International Auto Show
Cobo Hall Center
1 Washington Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48226


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