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TECH REVIEW: Verizon Wireless Droid Razr HD by Motorola

Beautiful screen and a battery that is hard to kill...

I have owned a smartphone of some sort or another for the past ten years and the one thing that does not seem to change no matter the make or model is that I still have to manage the phone's battery usage to make sure that I have power at the end of the day.

Whether it's closing down unneeded apps, or turning off bluetooth and wifi, or installing a battery manager app like Green Power, most smartphones need some sort of help to make sure you don't run out of juice.

But you can kiss goodbye to all those pesky battery management tactics with the newest Verizon Wireless smartphone in the Motorola Droid lineup - the Razr HD. Motorola promises that you will not need to charge this smartphone at the end of the day - and folks, it delivers on that promise and then some.

The Droid Razr M has a quiet elegance to its design
I have loved smartphones in the Motorola Droid lineup since I reviewed the Droid Bionic a year ago and then recently the Droid Razr M. Droid phones are not fancy. But they have a quiet elegance to their design, are extremely well made, and do basic tasks very well while also performing a lot of the same functions you will find on other high end smartphones.

The Droid Razr HD has some impressive features -

- 4.7" Super AMOLED HD Display with 1280 x 720  HD resolution
- 24 hours of battery performance
- 1.5 GHz dual-core processor for seamless multitasking
- Scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass display and water-repellent nanocoating
- Near Field Communications (NFC) and Android Beam technologies for exchanging info with other compatible smartphones by touching phones back-to-back
- The latest version of Android 4.2 with Google NOW and improved Voice Search
- The ability to charge the phone wirelessly with a compatible qi standard wireless charger

The Droid Razr M screen is awesome!!
This screen is the best I have seen on any smartphone to date...
I have raved in the past about how wonderful the screens are on 4G Android smartphones, but the screen on the Droid Razr HD is the best I have seen on any smartphone - ever!

The 1280 x720 HD screen is awesome.  When it is put next to other smartphones, you can really see how intense the colors are and how beautiful anything is that appears on the screen.  And you don't have to worry about the phone being oversize and not fitting in your pocket.  This smartphone is super thin and very compact in comparison to other smartphones with the same screen size.

I could not kill this battery and I tried really hard...
In addition to the awesome screen, this phone has the best battery life of any smartphone I have ever used. I usually install the Green Power app on all the smartphones that I review and that app will get me enough battery life to make it until the mandatory overnight battery charge around 10pm. But with the Droid Razr HD, I did not have to charge it at the end of the day since I usually had over 80% of my battery still available.

I mean seriously, who still has 80% of their battery left after using their smarpthone all day??? I was totally impressed.

You will never miss an alert with the Razr HD's alert light bar...
I have been known to miss phone calls and message alerts after putting my phone on silent during a meeting and then forgetting to turn the ringer back on. But you will never miss an alert with the Droid Razr HD even if your phone is on silent because of the green message light bar at the top of the phone. When you get any kind of alert, the bar will start blinking so you know you have some sort of message or email or phone call. It's a simple thing, but this message light bar is one of many elegant design features built into the Droid Razr HD.

The Camera is only so so....
The only issue I had while reviewing the Droid Razr HD was the quality of the camera photos.  The camera took OK photos, but nothing great.  This really did surprise me since the quality of the photos that I took while reviewing the Droid Razr M was outstanding - and the Razr M is a budget level smartphone in comparsion to its big brother the Razr HD.

In my opinion, the Motorola Droid Razr HD with its elegant design, awesome screen and superior battery life is on par with the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III - even though the Razr HD does not get as much press as these other popular smartphones.

The Motorola Droid Razr HD can be purchased for $199 with a two year contract with Verizon Wireless.


Disclosure: I was loaned a Droid Razr HD for review by Verizon Wireless. All opinons are my own.

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