Tuesday, October 1, 2013

COUPONS: How to get FREE Food on Fridays using the Kroger mobile app & the Kroger Rewards Card

I jumped all over this FREE Food offer from Kroger, and you can too...
What could be better than FREE Food, courtesy of Kroger...

I love me some FREE Food.  So when I found out that Kroger has FREE Food coupon downloads on Fridays, I made it my business to find out how to get in on this fab offer.

So I downloaded the Kroger app to my smartphone, which is available for both Android and Apple devices, and used the app to sign-up for a Kroger account and link the account to my existing Kroger Rewards Card.  You can also sign up for a Kroger account online if you don't have a smartphone.

The Kroger app shows all my FREE Food coupons...
Fridays are FREE Food coupon download day at Kroger...
Now on Fridays, I get an email from Kroger when they have a FREE Food Coupon Download available. I just click on the link in the email and the coupon is downloaded to my Kroger card and it is also shown in the Kroger app on my smartphone (see above).  You must download the coupon on the Friday that it is offered, but you have about two weeks to actually redeem the freebie.

The Kroger mobile app can also be used to download other money saving coupons to your Kroger Rewards Card.  The app also can be used to show a digital version of your Kroger Rewards Card.

Free in my Frig ;)
Today I redeemed a coupon that I received on Friday, September 27th for a FREE package of Hillshire Farm Bold Lunchmeat.  Once the coupon is redeemed, it is removed from the Kroger app and from your Kroger Rewards card.

All freebies should be so easy.  Thank you Kroger.  Fridays are now Free Fridays in my house :)


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