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Verizon Messages 4.2 takes FREE Text Messaging Apps to a Whole New Level! #VZWvoices #save

Yes, this texting service is very cool….
Verizon Messages 4.2 offers fun ways to use your smartphone to stay connected with family and friends...

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Savers Voices program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

When I bought my first smartphone over 10 years, I used it primarily to talk to friends and family while on the go.  Back then texting was not something that I even considered doing on my phone.

Fast forward to present time and more people use their smartphones for texting than for talking.  My son only talks on his smartphone when he has to since he can type out a text message faster that he can dial a phone number.

So when I was asked to review a new updated messaging app that Verizon Wireless will be launching soon, I jumped at the chance to see what new messaging options I could add to my new Motorola Droid Ultra Smartphone that I am reviewing courtesy of Verizon.

Easily Text audio clips...
And send text messages with graphic backgrounds...
The app is called Verizon Messages 4.2 and it is a new service from Verizon Wireless that offers more ways to stay connected with family and friends, from seamless cross-platform messaging to real-time location-sharing to the ability to quickly record and send audio clips.

Whether you’ve lost your phone and are waiting for a replacement, looking for new ways to share photos with friends, or need to reply to texts while driving, the Verizon Messages 4.2 app has the answer with new features that include:

- Seamless Messaging Across Devices: Messages sync across your devices, so you can keep messaging on a tablet or the Web if you are without a phone. Wherever Wi-Fi is available, you can keep chatting.

- Enhance Pictures: Instead of just another text, create something unique with postcard, collage, caption and sketch features.

-Auto-Reply: Use a personalized note to automatically reply to all incoming messages when you can’t text.

- Real-Time Location-Sharing with Glympse: Send locations in real-time with Glympse.

- Record and Send Audio Clips: Create and send voice notes in two quick steps and play audio in the conversation.

I love the photo collage texting feature...
Verizon Messages 4.2 allows you to get creative...
I tried out the Verizon Messages 4.2 service by texting some silly messages to my blogger buddy-in-crime Laura from the blog

I started out sending a basic photo and then went on to send video clips, collages, messages with graphic backgrounds, and audio messages.

The coolest option in Verizon Messages 4.2 is the ability to text collage photos made right within the app and then to be able to add text and even free hand writing to the collage photo.

Just think how creative you can get with using the Verizon Messages 4.2 service to text collage photos to the kids to encourage them in school before a big test or text a collage of sports game photos along with a short action video clip to the parent or grandparent that could not make it to the big game.

The Verizon Messages 4.2 app is available for download in the Google Play Store and the Apple appstore.


And watch for the next post in my Verizon Savers Voices series coming soon where I profile more about living with the Droid Ultra by Motorola and the Blackberry Z10 smartphones.


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