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App Review: FREE "Sing to Your Baby" iTunes app

Super Cute "Sing to Your Baby" will have you rocking and smiling from ear-to-ear….

Disclosure: I was compensated for my time to review "Sing to Your Baby." All opinions are my own...

It was been more than few years since my son was a baby, but I still remember those days like they were yesterday.

I remember his adorning smiles as he gazed up at me from his crib.  I remember his obsession with his feet and toes and shoving those little feet into his mouth.  And I remember his love of sound and singing.  It was like he was discovering something new and wonderful everyday.

So when I was asked to review a new iTunes app called "Sing to Your Baby," those memories of his wonder and joy as he listened to music and the sound of my voice came back to me very vividly.

Sing To Your Baby was created by parents and GRAMMY® winning children’s musicians Cathy Fink and and Marcy Marxer who's careers span over 25 years of live performances with 20 award winning children's recordings.

Children and parents connected so much with Cathy's and Marcy's performances, that this duo wanted to help parents to sing more to their children at home.  So their worked on creating an easy to use iTunes app that would encourage parents and caregivers to sing more to the little ones.

The "Rockin' My Baby" song is FREE 
Additional songs can be purchased for $1.99 each
Sing to Your Baby is one of the easiest and engaging apps that I have ever used.  When you download the FREE Sing to Your Baby app from the iTunes store, you will get two FREE songs - "Rockin' My Baby" and "Baby Got a Giggle."

There are a total of 22 songs available. Individual songs can be purchased in the iTunes store (as in-app purchases) for $1.99 per song or you can buy the entire album for $9.99.

Sing along Karaoke style - the words appear at the bottom of the screen
Choose to sing along with a woman's voice or a man's voice
Karaoke time!
The app is setup for singing Karoke style.  Once the song starts playing, the words are shown at the bottom of the screen with a bar indicating where you are in the song.  So all you have to do is follow the line and sing the words as they appear.  In this mode, Cathy, Marcy or their friend Mike will sing along with you and you can choose to have a woman or a man's voice to sing the song.

After the 3-2-1 countdown, the music rolls and its time to record...
Your recording can be shared thru Apple Mail and Facebook...
Record your Own Versions of the Songs….
There’s also a Play-Along feature for more musically inclined parents - or even kids - that gives them the chance to play instruments alongside songs as chords scroll on-screen. One of Sing To Your Baby’s biggest highlights is its ability to record your own songs - or for kids to record songs together - for playback later!  And you can share your recordings through Apple Mail or Facebook with your friends and family.


Sing to Your Baby is an adorably cute and totally addictive way for kids and adults to sing, record live music, and have a great time. Since the app and two of the songs are FREE, you can try out the app before you buy anything to see if you like it, which is great.

I would sum up my review of "Sing to Your Baby" as follows -

Pros -
- Well thought out app with lots of easy to use features
- Karaoke mode is fun to use
- Ability to record and share songs is a great feature that kids and adults will love
- Not just for babies, older kids will like this app too
- Two FREE songs give you the ability to try out the app for FREE with no commitment

- None really.  Just make sure to watch those in-app song purchases if your kids know your Apple password.

"Sing to Your Baby" is available for FREE in the iTunes App Store


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