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TECH: I'm Holiday Deal Shopping at #RadioShack this Black Friday starting at 8am #MC

The Radio Shack Black Friday ad has the bargains that I am looking for...
Radio Shack has Black Friday and "Name Your Deal" promotions that you don't want to miss...

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for RadioShack. I received a gift card to facilitate a shopping trip and promotional item as a thank you for participating.

I think holidays should be more about giving than receiving.  So every year around this time at my place of work, I participate in a program called Operation Good Cheer where my family "adopts" a chid the same age as my son for which we buy holidays gifts.

I started participating in Operation Good Cheer many years ago when my son was around two years old.  My son would get so many gifts for the holidays from my family and friends that I just did not feel that he needed any more from me.  So I would use that money to buy for kids in Operation Good Cheer. The circumstances that the children in Operation Good Cheer find themselves in are just heartbreaking. So I feel very privileged to be able to give one child who is the same age as my son a little holiday cheer.

This year, my shopping list for Operation Good Cheer is a combination of clothing and electronics. All the clothing has been purchased, but I am waiting to shop for electronics until Black Friday when deals are plentiful.

One of the electronics gifts that I need to shop for is a remote control plane. While combing the leaked Black Friday ads, I came across a really great deal being offered by Radio Shack for a very nice RC Execuheli remote control plane that will be sold for 50% off starting on Black Friday for only $15!!!. Also my son needs some earbuds (he had lost 3 pair this year) and Radio Shack will have some Auvio Pearl Buds 66% off for $4.99 - which means I can stock up.

I will be be honest is saying that I have not been in a Radio Shack store in quite a while, but when the right deal comes along like this one at Radio Shack, I have to check out what else is being offered by that store.

I found out that in addition to the deals already listed for Black Friday, Radio Shack is running a holiday promotion called "Name Your Deal" where customers were able to vote until November 25th on which deals they wanted and then on November 27th, based on the submissions, RadioShack will select the five top deals and we all will have the chance to get a coupon code for each product starting at 9am EST.

New Radio Shack store at 8 Mile and Woodward in Detroit
I also found out that Radio Shack is in the process of redesigning their brick-and-mortar stores to make the in-store shopping experience more appealing to consumers. One of the brand new Radio Shack stores just opened in my neigborhood on 8 Mile and Woodward. There is nothing that frustrates me more than to not know my way around a store on Black Friday, so today I popped into the new 8 Mile and Woodward Radio Shack store to scope out the surroundings before the big day on Friday.

The newly designed Radio Shack stores are all about demoing the products...
The new Radio Shack Store design is pretty sweet...
The new Radio Shack store layout is great for consumers who like to try out items before they buy them.  If you are looking for stereo equipment, you will love the new Radio Shack setup.  I found all the headphones and speakers are setup and turned on so that I could hear how the sound differed from product to product.

I recently broke my headphones and have been contemplating purchasing a pair of Sol Republic Headphones, but I did not know if they were really worth the money. The Sol Republic headphones are suppose to be the same quality as Beats headphones, but at half the price. At the new Radio Shack store, I was able to try on all the different headphone brands while listening to the same music on each.  I could tell right away that the Sol Republic Headphone sounded great and were far superior to the other brands.

Radio Shack has setup the speakers for your listening pleasure all along one wall.  Just hit the buttons on the touchscreen panel (which is located right in front of the speaker wall) and music plays out of the chosen speaker so you can test out and compare products.

Radio Shack will have Arvio Portable Bluetooth Speaker 50% off on Black Friday for $39.99 and by listening to all the speakers I found out that the Black Friday deal on the Arvio will yield a great sounding speaker at a great price.

Wednesday, November 27th is "D" Day to get the hot "Name Your Deal" Coupons...

In addition to all the great deals I plan to buy from the Radio Shack Black Friday ad, I will also be checking in to the Radio Shack Holiday Hub website on Wednesday, November 27th at 9am EST to see which products made the top 5 deals so I can get one of the coupons.

Radio Shack stores opens at 8 a.m. November 29th for Black Friday (Mall stores follow posted hours). Shoppers will find Black Friday deals of up to 80% off starting online Thanksgiving Day on RadioShack.com and the Radio Shack Cyber Monday sale begins December 2nd at 12 a.m.

So check back for my next post where I will tell you how my Black Friday shopping experience goes at the newly designed Radio Shack store in my neighborhood.

And make sure that you go to the Radio Shack Holiday Hub website on November 27th at 9am EST to try and claim a coupon for one of the 5 hot deals!!!

These Radio Shack "Name Your Deal" coupons will not last long so be on time and ready to snatch one up.


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