Thursday, November 7, 2013

APP REVIEW: My Diet Coach II - Pro for Android

My Diet Coach II - Pro turns your smartphone into a health and fitness cheerleader...

Disclosure: I received a free download of the "My Diet Coach II - Pro" app and was compensated for my time to review the app. All opinons are my own.

I have written numerous posts this year about my struggle with losing the 15 lbs that I gained since entering menopause. What used to be so easy for me for most of my life has turned into a daily struggle to make better food choices and get more exercise. In the battle of the bulge, I need as many tools in my bag of tricks as I can get.

By now everyone knows how much I love using my smartphone for everything from listening to music, to engaging in social media, to reading books, and especially finding deals.  And with the download of a new app that I have been reviewing, my smartphone is now my fitness and health coach.

The app is called My Diet Coach II - Pro and it is everything that the name says. It is a cute and useful Android app that contains all kinds of ways to help keep me motivated to meet my fitness and health goals.

The main screen of the My Diet Coach II - Pro app contains 8 key areas. The first area at the top of the screen allows you to plainly spell out your main goal so that is it always there to remind you why you need to make changes. My goal is to lose 10 pounds in 6 months. because I want to look and feel my best.

The Diary helps you chart your food and fitness throughout the day
Down the middle of the main screen are four button choices to help you meet your goal.  The first is a food and fitness Journal (Diary) to help plan healthy meals and exercise throughout the day.

I love these reminders
The second button takes you to a list of reminders to help motivate you on the journey to your goal.  The reminders include motivational photos that you can load into the app, random motivational quotes, tips on how to deal with food cravings and make more time for exercise, and lots more.  There are over 30 pre-defined reminders to choose from and the app also allows you to enter your own reminders.

The third button allows you to enter Motivational photos.  Is there an event that you want to look great at or an outfit that you want to fit into?  How about a celebrity whose body image you aspire to?  Well you can upload photos of these images into the app to help to keep you motivated every time you use your smartphone.

The app has tips for everything you can think of...
The fourth button lists tips to help with food cravings, emotional eating, meal planing, vacation eating, getting more exercise and more.

You can earn points by completing challenges...
Along the bottom of the main screen of the My Diet Coach II - Pro app are two more areas - Challenges and Rewards.  Challenges take you out of your comfort zone by asking you to do "good for you" things like drink 8 glasses or water today, or park your car further away from your door.  When you complete a challenge, you earn points that you can use to "buy" Rewards, which are virtual pieces of clothing.

And lastly, there is a PANIC BUTTON on the main screen that help with getting past food cravings by giving you ways to wait for 20 minutes until the craving passes.

I would sum up my review of My Diet Coach II - Pro app as follows -

Pros -
- The app is fun and colorful
- The app is easy to use
- Prominently displaying goals at the top of the main screen makes it easy to remember to eat right and exercise
- The option to add inspirational photos from personal photos and websites is great
- The Challenge section can really help jump start more healthy habits

Cons -
- Does not integrate with mobile fitness tools like the Fitbit or Jawbone Up
- Too many reminders pop up asking the user to rate the app in the Google Play Store
- Would be nice if the image of the man or woman on the main screen could be tailored to look like the app user

Want to try before you buy?  


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