Tuesday, February 11, 2014

FREE $25 Instant Credit with RadioShack's Technology Buy-back offer - ENDS 2/28

RadioShack has a $25 instant credit offer that you just cannot refuse...

Last month I received an email from RadioShack with an offer that made me do a double take.  Until February 28, 2014, you can trade in up to 5 working, used technology items and get at the very least a FREE in-store $25 instant credit toward a RadioShack purchase.

This offer is part of RadioShack's "The Bigger, The Better" Event promotion.

How I redeemed $1.25 worth of old games into a $25 Gift Card...
In looking at the eligible categories of electronics that RadioShack will accept (see graphic above), I noticed that the categories included games.  My son has a collection of old Nintendo Gameboy games stored in a box in the basement.  I had tried to sell the games last year, until I found out that they are only worth about 25 cents a piece.

So I selected 5 of the Gamboy games and took them to the RadioShack location near where I work.  The clerk was surprised that anyone still had Gameboy games around their house.  He told me that the games that other customers had been bringing in for trade were PC games.  I told him that according to the RadioShack website, my Gameboy games were eligible for the promotion, and he agreed.

I was able to get a $25 Amazon Gift with my credit, but RadioShack no longer allows this...
The clerk then asked for my drivers license and went to typing in lots of information on the store computer.  He then asked me what I would like to buy with my $25 RadioShack in-store credit.  When I redeemed my 5 tech items at the end of January, the RadioShack allowed customers to use the instant credit toward the purchase of a $25 RadioShack Gift Card, which I did.  I then used that RadioShack Gift Card to purchase an $25 Amazon Gift Card from RadioShack since RadioShack gift cards can be used to purchase ANYTHING in the store  - HOLLA!

I had read how to use the Radio Shack Gift Card to buy a Amazon Gift Card over on the FrequentMiler website (check out the link for his experience at RadioShack).  But since my redemption experience, RadioShack has changed the terms of this offer and now you can no longer use the instant credit to purchase RadioShack Gift Cards - BOO!

I picked up all of this for $30 on Black Friday at Radio Shack
But you can still use the $25 instant credit toward other RadioShack items like batteries, which are always a good deal at RadioShack, and other merchandise like headphones.  For ideas on what to purchase, check out my RadioShack Black Friday shopping post.

So I would suggest that everyone checkout the details of the RadioShack "The Bigger the Better" Promotion offer and get your FREE $25 Instant Credit before the offer expires on February 28, 2014.  I am sure that everyone has some old electronics laying around that you can redeem and make $25 the easy way.



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