Saturday, February 22, 2014

TECH REVIEW: Just Mobile AluPen Twist L™ Touchscreen Stylus and Ballpoint Pen

The Best of a Pen and Stylus in one...

Special thanks to Just Mobile for supplying complimentary product to facilitate this review...

My smartphone and iPad have become my daily companions. While I might be able to get away with leaving the house without my iPad, I really cannot survive without my smartphone. It has become my calendar, calculator, eReader, music player, fitness tool, newspaper, camera, note taker and bargain finder in addition to of course being a phone.

I love having the ability to use my tech devices to take notes and I have toyed with carrying around a stylus so that I can write notes on my touchscreens with more precision than using my finger. But usually I end of losing the stylus and just go back to taking notes on paper. But all that has changed since I started using a new product made by tech accessory maker Just Mobile.

For the past month, I have had the pleasure of reviewing the Just Mobile AluPen Twist L™ which is a touchscreen stylus and ballpoint pen in one. Just Mobile prides themselves on making very elegant and useful tech accessories that are well made and built to last.  And their new AluPen Twist L™ is definitely elegant, well made and very useful and is now my new favorite tech accessory.

The Just Mobile AluPen Twist L™ is a dual-function stylus for smartphones and tablets. Twist its textured ABS plastic end to reveal a conductive rubber nib for more precise writing control on smartphone and tablet screens. Or twist its sleek aluminium end to reveal a high-quality ballpoint pen.

The Just Mobile AluPen Twist L™ features -

• High-quality aluminium-and-ABS construction

• Stylus compatible with all capacitive-screen smartphones and tablets

• Robust twist mechanism

• Nibs protected when not in use

• Replaceable ballpoint pen

I love this pen...
The Just Mobile AluPen Twist L™ ballpoint pen writes smoothly and accurately and the rubber stylus end works great for taking notes on my smartphone touchscreen.  Since I take notes both on paper and using a notebook app on my smartphone, I love being able being able to do both with one stylish pen.  The AluPen Twist L™ has become so useful to me that I don't want to use any other pen.

I would sum up my review of the AluPen Twist L™ as follows -

- Stylish design
- Quality materials
- Smooth and even flowing ballpoint pen
- Stylus works great with my smartphone for taking notes
- Love having the best of a pen and stylus in one unit

- Not cheap
- Stylus does not work as smoothly with my iPad 2 touchscreen as it does with my smartphone touchscreen

The Just Mobile AluPen Twist L™ retails for $39.95 and is available in both all black and silver.

If you are looking for a stylish way to write both on paper and on a touchscreen, check out the Just Mobile AluPen Twist L™ on the Just Mobile website.

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