Wednesday, February 5, 2014

TECH LOVE: Sol Republic Tracks VB Headphones are a Perfect Valentine's Day Gift - and 10% off at Verizon Wireless

The Sol Republic Tracks are chameleons that can match your mood - with a change of the cable cords and headband...

Special Thanks to Verizon Wireless for loaning me a pair of Sol Republic Tracks VB Headphones to try out.  All opinions are my own...

Valentine's Day is almost upon us, which means the mad dash for appropriate gifts for our loved ones is in full affect. And if someone on your gift list is a tech lover like me, I know one accessory that you have to check out - Sol Republic Tracks VB Headphones.

I have been itching to try out some Sol Republic Tracks VB headphones since I first saw them while doing my Christmas shopping back on Black Friday. I was intrigued by the fact that these headphones are completely modular, which allows you to change out the color of the headband and cable cords to match your tastes and mood.

The box contains two electronic ear pads along with a headband and cable cords that match in color. You then have to assemble the pieces to make up the headphones - which is a really cool and different way to purchase headphones.

Assembly is very easy and the the ear pads can slide to any position along the headband so that the headphones adjust perfectly to the size of your head. The headband is very flexible and durable and can bend and twist without breaking and then snap back to its original shape.

For Valentine's Day, Red is the Perfect color for these headphones!
The headband and the cable cords match in color so the Sol Republic Tracks VB Headphones allow you to make a bold fashion statement that can be changed up in the future by purchasing additional headbands and cable cords in different colors.

And these headphones don't just look good, they also sound good too and are very comfortable with lots of padding around the ear cups and also at the top of the headband where it will rest on the top of your head.

Sol Republic Headphones are marketed as having the same sound quality as Beats Audio headphones, but at half the price - HOLLA TO PAYING LESS!

I woud sum up my review of the Sol Republic VB Headphones as follows -

Pros -
- Module design is fun and allows user to change the colors of the headband and cords
- If a cord goes bad, you only have be to pay for a new cord and not a whole new pair of headphones
- Headband is flexible and durable
- Comfortable and adjustable
- Very stylish
- Very good sound quality
- Priced cheaper than competing manufacturers like Beats Audio

- Padding on the ears and top of the headband is not made of real leather so I do wonder about its durability

Verizon Wireless is running an accessory sale just in time for Valentine's Day!
And just in time for Valentine's Day, Verizon Wireless is having a sale on their website where tech accessories, including the Sol Republic Tracks VB Headphones, are 10% to 20% off!!!

So check out the Verizon Wireless Accessories Sale today and cross off your list a Valentine's Day gift or two for your technology lover.

I will not tell that you did not pay full price :)


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