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GIVEAWAY: WIN $50 from @GetUncommon for a Unique Tech Gift for Mother's Day - ENDS 5/3 (CLOSED)

My son's artwork is now a 1 of a kind iPad cover, thanks to Uncommon
Want a tech gift that will make Mom cry on Mother's Day?

Like most parents, I have a special stash of all my son's artwork from when he was younger.  Now my son believed that everything he made me was a one of a kind Rembrandt masterpiece - lol :)  But there is no way to keep everything that my son made. So I pared his art collection down to the pieces that hold a special memory in my heart.

my son's Footprints artwork from 2006
my son's Hand Print artwork from 2006
There are two art pieces that were made on the same day when my son was 6 years old that I L-O-V-E.  The first is a painting of my son's footprints (yep, the school dipped his feet in paint and let him have at it on a piece of art paper).  And the second is a painting of my son's hand prints.  I cannot tell you how much I love these art pieces.  I just look at them and trace the hand and foot outlines with my fingers and remember back to when my son was 6 years old - and it just brings tears to my eyes since his feet and hands will never be that size again.

The footprints painting is on my wall at work so that I can look at it everyday. But the hand prints painting has been locked away for years in my special "keepsake stash" that is secured and ready to grab if there is ever a fire in our house. 

Tech and Art Combined...
Everyone who reads my blog knows by how much I love tech gadgets, especially my iPad. Well, last week, I finally took my son's hand print painting out of storage so that I could make myself a special one-of-a-kind Mother's Day gift that combines my son's artwork and my iPad. 

Uncommom gave me the opportunity to make myself a special Uncommon customized iPad cover just in time for Mother's day by uploading a scanned version of my son's artwork to their website.

For the iPad cover, a large piece of artwork is needed since it has to wrap around the entire iPad - so my son's 12" x 15" hand prints art piece was a perfect size.  If I a wanted to design an iPhone cover I would not have needed such a big painting. Not only does this Uncommon iPad case protect the back cover of the iPad, but it also wraps around the corner edges (see photo above) to protect in case of an accidential drop.

Once I finalized the design, Uncommon delivered my new iPad back cover to me in less than 7 days. Now when I want to be nostalgic, I can put this special cover on my iPad and remember back to when my son was sweet, cute and less than 4 feet tall. And believe me, now that he is a teenager who has grown taller than me, I long for the days when he was 6 years old again :)

This Mother’s Day, you can give Mom a special customized Uncommon iPhone or iPad case featuring a favorite photo, monogram, or personal message—maybe including your own picture holding a sign saying, “I love you. Mom”

So if your Mom likes her gifts to be "Uncommon", get started on her Mother's Day gift at

For more information on Uncommon, including discounts, follow them on Twitter at @getuncommon and on Facebook getuncommon.

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Disclosure: Uncommon provided me with a complementary iPad case for this review. Uncommon is also providing the prize for this giveaway.  All opinions are my own.

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