Thursday, April 18, 2013

TECH REVIEW: Zenus Edge Diary Case for Nexus 4

Durable and stylish protection for your Nexus 4 smartphone, just don't overstuff....

In the past, I did not use a case with any of my smartphones. But thanks to my friends over at, I am learning how nice and fashionable it can be to have multiple smartphone covers from which to choose. And since my Nexus 4 smartphone is so fragile with its all glass backcover, this phone needs to be protected in a good quality case 24x7.

I have already reviewed the Rearth Ringke Discover Leather Wallet Case for the Nexus 4 from And this time sent me for review the Zenus Edge Diary Case for Nexus 4.

Both the Rearth Ringke and the Zenus cases are wallet style which allow my smartphone to be protected and provide slots for me to carry my ID, cash and credit cards. But the Zenus Edge Diary Case takes the wallet feel one step further with the addition of a snap tab closure which means my phone is totally encased in the event of an accidental drop.

I have been using the Zenus Edge Diary Case now for over a week and I love it. The leather has a pebbly feel and is soft to the touch. And the beige color does not show stains easily. The stitching is perfectly uniform and the red accent on the front of the case is made from the same leather as the rest of the case.  The case has cut outs for all the necessary smartphone ports so it does not impair any of the phone's functions.

The Zenus Edge Diary Case grips the phone tightly, but it is very easy to pop the phone into and out of the case. The left side of the case has two slits that are perfect for holding paper money and credit cards.  The left side of the case also has a pocket which is large enough to carry a driver's license.  I use it to carry my work pass.

The case snaps close on the backcover which unfortunately means this case cannot be kept on the phone if you use a qi wireless charger for your Nexus 4 because the snap hardware impedes the charger from making contact with the back of the phone.  Also you should not over stuff the split pockets with credit cards and other things if you want the case to still be able to snap close - rather like a pants waist button after Thanksgiving dinner.

Here is a quick list of my thoughts on the Zenus Edge Diary Case:

Pros -
- The leather is supple, yet durable
- Case has an overall high quality design (looks expensive)
- Ability to have smartphone, money and ID in one case is very useful
- The case does not get in the way of using any of the Nexus 4 functions.
- Provides excellent protection for the Nexus 4

Cons -
- If you put too much in the split pockets, you will not be able to snap the case close
- Case snap design means you cannot charge the Nexus 4 inside the case when using a wireless qi charger

The Zenus Edge Diary Case is durable and fashionable to give your smartphone both protection and flair and is priced at $31.99 on the website with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Click here to find out more about the Zenus Edge Diary Case along with other cases for the Nexus 4


Disclosure: I recieved a complementary Zenus Edge Diary Case for the Nexus 4 for review.  All opinons are my own.

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