Sunday, March 11, 2012

25¢ MP3 Album Deal "Take Care" by Drake in Google Play Store & on ENDS 3/12 5p EST

More 25 cent album deals...

It is now day 6 in the 7 day Google Play Store promotion where they offer a whole album for only 25 cents.

Google has rebranded their Android Market as "Google Play Store" and has been offering 25 cent album deals to celebrate the new name.  Not to be left out, is offering the same deal on their website.

For a limited time until Monday around 5pm EST, you can get Drake's album "Take Care" for only 25 cent either in the Google Play Store or on  Since these deals can expire at anytime, make sure the MP3 album price is 25 cent before you buy.

Be sure to check back on Monday about 5pm for Day 7's new 25¢ deal in the Google Play Music Store.

So which store are you givng that quarter to?


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