Friday, March 30, 2012

MOVIE REVIEW: Mirror Mirror + FREE iTunes Movie Fashion Game "Dress up Snow"

Good vs Evil is always thrilling....

On Wednesday night, my son and I attended an advance screening of Mirror Mirror, the movie that gives a new take on the story of Snow White.

I was really looking forward to seeing Mirror Mirror.  I had seen the ads for the movie and it looked like it was going to be very funny.  I had also run a giveaway on my blog for the Soundtrack to Mirror Mirror so I knew that the music was going to be great.  And I loved the over-the-top clothing in the movie so much that I even did a Mirror Mirror Pinterest board. So I was expecting to have great time and overall my son and I liked the movie.

Mirror Mirror is told from the perspective of the Evil Queen (played by Julia Roberts).  When the movie opens, the Evil Queen is fully in power and has drained the poor villagers dry of all their money to support her lavish lifestyle of over the top gowns and parties. Her parties are so crazy that she even plays a game of chess with human chess pieces.

Snow White (played by Lilly Collins) has pretty much been locked in her room for the past ten years after her father, the King, disappeared in the forest. The Evil Queen has been controlling poor Snow White by putting her down every chance she can get - and boy oh boy does the Evil Queen do a great job of bullying Snow White. Some of her comments to Snow White are brutal.

On Snow White's 18th birthday, she finally gets the courage to leave the castle and visit the village and she finds that all the once happy people are now dirt poor. But she lacks the confidence to do anything about it. By chance she rescues Prince Alcott, the handsome prince who is passing through the land and has been robbed by the Seven Dwarfs. Yes, you read that correctly. In this version of the Snow White story, the Seven Dwarfs are thieves who live in the forest. At one time, they worked respectable jobs in the village, but the Evil Queen had them banished because of their appearance.

The Queen wants to marry Prince Alcott for his money.  But, Prince Alcott is completely taken with Snow White. So taken in fact that the Queen wants her dead.  The story unfolds from there as Snow White finally ends up getting the courage to fight back.

Julie Roberts is the star of this movie and she is fabulous as the Evil Queen.  She has the best clothes and the best one liners that you will ever hear. There is a scene where she has a "beauty treatment" that is totally beyond words. And she is so evil that you will have to look twice to remember that this role is being played by the actress who is the sweetheart of Hollywood.  The way Julia played the Evil Queen reminded me a lot of how Meryl Streep played Miranda Priestly in the movie The Devil Wears Prada. Adults will love the Evil Queen and kids will be scared to death.  My son actually flinched in his seat a few times.

Another great role in Mirror Mirror is Nathan Lane as Brighton, the Evil Queen's butler.  He was just a riot and he had some of the funniest one liners in the whole movie.

Lilly Collins as Snow White was all goodness and sweetest and kids will love her. But she and Prince Alcott (played by Armie Hammer) were upstaged for most of the movie by Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen. I loved their characters at the beginning and the end, but I think they were overpowered by all the fancy clothing (or in Prince Alcott's case - lack of clothing) for most of the movie.  Arnie Hammer had to take off his shirt so many times that I was wondering if this was a kids movie.  And Lilly Collins looked great, but she really needed a few more sword fighting lessons.

The Seven Dwarfs were great and a few of them were so funny that everyone in the audience was laughing out aloud.

The end of Mirror Mirror is wonderful and exciting. Good vs Evil is always thrilling and this movie has some great fight scenes. My son was so into the physical comedy and sword fights that I could hardly keep him in his seat. But despite all the clothing, and sword fighting and evilness, the middle of this movie is a tad boring - hate to say it.

Overall Mirror Mirror is a visually appealing movie that both kids and parents will enjoy.  It was fun and outrageous. It was sweet and cute. And it was evil and exciting. It was also a little bit boring, But the end is definitely worth the entire movie. And mark my words, you will be singing the movie soundtrack song "I Believe in Love" on your way to your car.

Mirror Mirror opens in theaters today, Friday March 30th and is rated PG.


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Disclosure: I received media passes to attend the Mirror Mirror advance screening.

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