Friday, March 16, 2012

We took the LISTERINE® and REACH® Healthy Habits for a Lifetime Oral Care Challenge!

Good dental habits are a family affair...

Over the past three weeks, my family has been part of the Listerine® and Reach® Oral Care Challenge. As part of the challenge, we all pledged to brush, floss, and rinse everyday, twice a day for three weeks. And to help with our challenge, Listerine® and Reach® sent us an assortment of adult and children’s products so that we had everything we needed to keep us on track for success.

As I shared in my first post about this challenge, I have been brushing twice a day since I was a child and I taught my son to do the same. But flossing and rinsing have not been part of my daily oral care routine. Since we now had an assortment of Reach® flosses and Listerine® mouthwashes to choose from, I and my family had no excuse not to use these products twice a day.

It took a few days to get on schedule, but after a while we all had brushing, flossing and rinsing down to a science.  My son had never used mouthwash before this challenge and now he loves using it. His favorite is the Listerine® Smart Rinse Anti-cavity Fluoride Rinse in the Berry Shield flavor.  And I agree with his taste in mouthwash because that was my favorite flavor too.  One of the reasons that I did not like to use mouthwash was because I did not like the taste.  But these Listerine® rinses in flavors like Berry Shield and Bubble Blast are tasty and fun to use.

One of the facts that I learned during my February 16th oral care information session with the Listerine® dental experts was that you don't have to brush, floss and rinse in any particular order.  I always thought you had to brush, floss and then rinse.  But one of the doctor's told us that he flosses, brushes and then rinses.  Since I still don't enjoy flossing, I try to floss first to get it out to the way and then brush and rinse.

I also found out during the February 16th oral care information session with the Listerine® dental experts that after you rinse at bedtime, you should not eat or drink anything until morning.  That is because rinsing coats your teeth with a layer of fluoride that you don't want to wash off.  So I tried not to drink any water after I rinsed at night.

It was also great using new toothbrushes like my new Reach® Total Care + Whitening brush that is designed to whiten and remove stains and reach in hard to brush places.  My son loves his new Reach® Phineas and Ferb toothbrush that has a wide handle made for kids hands and an angled neck for getting to hard to reach places in his mouth.

Overall, I am very glad that I signed up my family to be part of the LISTERINE® and REACH® Healthy Habits for a Lifetime Oral Care Challenge.  We are all doing much better with our daily dental care so that I our teeth can last a lifetime.  I am very glad that my son now loves to rinse and I am doing much better with flossing.

And if you want to help your family establish better oral care habits, visit Walmart's website for tips from leading dental experts and great values and prices on oral care products.


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