Saturday, August 18, 2012

REVIEW: FREE Android Game "Fish vs. Pirates"

The battle is on with Fish vs. Pirates on Android...

Since I bought my 7" Android tablet, it was become like a Swiss Army knife that is always in my purse.  I use it for everything from an ereader to a game system. My son even has a page setup with games just for him. So if we are stuck waiting somewhere, he has enough entertainment to keep him occupied for at least an hour or two.

One new game that I just added from the Google Play store is called Fish vs. Pirates. The name alone had me expecting a cute little fighting game, but it's not that at all.

Fish vs. Pirates is a game of strategy, like "Battleship" and "Plants vs. Zombies," so it actually teaches the player how to think logically and quickly.

In the game, you must defend yourself against wave after wave of pirate fish as the clock is ticking.  You defend your area by blocking the pirate fish with your own warrior fish. But there is a twist. You only start out with one warrior fish and some clams. The clams contains pearls that you can use to buy more fish.  But there is a catch. You have to wait for the clams to open in order to get the pearls. And you cannot move any of your warrior fish once they positioned in the battle.

You can use fish and snails as defense from the pirates..
When I played the game for the first time (see the screen shot above from my tablet), I did ok since the first wave of pirate fish were small. But as more and more pirate fish started coming, I had to get smart about where I was positioning my warrior fish and figure out how long it took for a clam to open.  In addition to the warrior fish, the game also has other underwater defenders, like snails, that you can use to stop the process of the pirate fish as you wait for the clams to open and get the pearls. And as you progress up the 40 levels in the game, you get more kinds of underwater creatures to use as defenders.

I can be very competitive at times, and I actually found myself feeling the pressure as I tried to figure out the game.  Good I was playing it on my Android tablet so I could keep playing without having to worry about battery life.

"Fish vs. Pirates" includes 4 different stage packs - Pirate Attack, Submarine Treat, Shark Bite, and Choking Tentacles - that each feature different enemies and different challenges.

Fish vs. Pirates is a cute way for parents get their kids into strategy gaming without them knowing they are being taught to think logically while also having fun.

Fish vs. Pirates is available for FREE in the Google Play Store and can be played on both Android smartphones and tablets.


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