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REVIEW: Joy Tales eReader books for iPad

The Joy Tales eReader books have a lot of great features that both kids and parents will like...

It is hard for me be believe that it has been 7 years since my son was in Kindergarten learning to read. Since my son is a hands on learner, I remember buying him a LeapFrog reading system and all the special books when he was three years old. Thinking back on the experience, I spent a fair amount of money for the system and all those books.  But it was one of the leading ways at the time to help kids to read and I wanted to help my son all that I could.

Parents today have it a lot easier with the invention of the iPad.  That tablet can become anything, including an eReader for helping your child to learn how to read.  So when I was asked to review an eReader system for the iPad called Joy Tales, I jumped at the chance to see how reading systems for kids have changed since my son was a small child.

Joy Tales is a very cute FREE app for the iPad that comes with one FREE starter book called "Tab the White Bat."  Joy Tales has a lot of great features that both kids and parents will like.

Turn each page with a stroke of the iPad screen
There are two ways to read the ebooks.  The first way is like a regular book with pages that you turn with a stroke of the screen.  In this mode you can read the book yourself, listen to the pre-recorded British voice reading the story, or record yourself reading each page of the story. This feature reminded me a lot of Hallmark's recordable storybooks. So if you leave town and still want to read a story to your child, you can record your voice on a Joy Tales eBook so your child can still hear you reading the story each night.  These recordings can also be locked under the setting tab so that your recorded voice cannot be accidentally deleted.

Kids can touch the screen to interact with the characters...
The second reading mode has no words.  Instead it uses all interactive screens while a British voice reads each page to your child.  While each page is being read, your child gets to play interactively with the story characters who make sounds, fly and other activities in the "Tab the White Bat" story.

Joy Tales books have coloring pages for kids...
In addition to the two story reading modes, there are also other activities that your child can play including coloring pages, a card matching game that I loved, and a number/letter line connect picture puzzle that teaches your child the alphabet and to count from 1 to 26.

The Joy Tales included FREE book, "Tab the White Bat", is very cute and teaches kids that it's OK to be different from others. It also has some very nice graphics and interactive activities that kids will love.

Joy Tales is available for FREE in the Apple iTunes store

Since the Joy Tales app and the first book are both FREE, it's hard to go wrong with trying it out with your kids.  If they love it, you can choose from 11 additonal Joy Tales books for $3.99 each. That's a whole lot less than what I paid years ago.


Disclosure: I was compenstated for my time to review "Joy Tales".  All opinions are my own.

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