Tuesday, April 6, 2010

COUPON: Pilot Frixion Pens & Highlighters only 19 cents each after coupon (and FREE after Rebate)

FREE Pilot Frixion Highlighters and Pens plus more with rebate...
I don't usually do the whole coupon thing, but even I had to check out this deal.

Walgreens has a April Coupon Book available by the door when you walk in the store. Inside is a coupon for $1 off a Pilot Frixion 3 pack of Highlighters or Pilot Frixion 2 pack of Pens. With the coupon the price for each pack goes down to 19 cents plus tax.

The first Walgreens that I went to did not have any of the Pilot Frixion items. The manager told me that each store is suppose to have 50 of each item, but he could not find the ones for his store. So I stopped at another Walgreens on the way home and scored both the pens and highlighters.

Some of the packs have a rebate form on the back. Make sure you grab at least one pack with a rebate form. I bought two packs of the pens and one pack of the highlighters. At the register, they will use the coupon in the April coupon book to take off $1 per pack. With tax, I paid 78 cents for all three packs.
Now, here comes the money maker! The rebate form on the back of the special packs give you $4.50 back on three packs. So I will make $3.72 off the deal plus 3 FREE packs of pens and highlighters. Ok, a little less than $3.72 since you have to factor in the stamp to mail in the rebate :)

Too cool. Enjoy!

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  1. I took a while, but I received my rebate check this week!