Thursday, April 1, 2010

A FREE Laugh in Honor of my son's 10th birthday - TSA Kryptonite

Last week marked my son's tenth birthday. One of the good things about milestone birthdays is that they force you to remember funny stories. Also last week, a friend of mine submitted a very funny travel story to a travel site that was looking for guest bloggers. When I received the good news that her story was selected for publishing, it started me thinking about the first time that my son went on a airplane. So in honor of my son's tenth birthday, I thought I would share my son's travel story with all of you...

TSA Kryptonite

2004 marked my son's first plane trip. We were traveling from Detroit to Atlanta and I was not looking forward to the trip. My son was 4 years old at the time and I had heard that traveling with children can be a real struggle if not planned well. So I planned everything - especially having a supply of his favorite juice packs, which at the time was a necessity to him living a calm life. 2004 was before the ban on liquids, so travelers could take juice in their carry-on luggage, and I was well stocked for both the departure and return flights. But some things you cannot plan for.

The Delta flight that my family was on got cancelled. Here I am in Detroit Metro Airport with my parents (in their 70's) and a four year old without a plane to get to Atlanta. A kindly Delta employee took pity and booked us on a Northwest flight in another terminal. After getting to the Northwest terminal, we were flagged for physical inspection since our tickets were changed at the last minute. My son put up his arms and went through the inspection like a solider. No problems. No complaints. I felt after all the fuss that life was finally on my side.

We had a great reunion in Atlanta and arrived at the airport to catch our return flight. Life was good. Until.... We were again flagged for physical inspection. My father got irritated. My mother told him to hush (maybe she did not use the word hush) and he did. If only my son were so easy. You see, he had not consumed a juice pack in a while and was getting irritated by the wait. I figured only a few more minutes and we would unpack the juice from the luggage and be on our way.

While I was being inspected, I heard a blood curdling cry that could chill anyone's bones (and make you lose your hearing). My son had had enough of this government intervention into his life. He had reached the breaking point. As the second cry rang out and the TSA workers went into a complete panic, the head TSA supervisor calmly announced that all activity would stop until the bag with my son's juice was found. The entire operation shut down as the bag was located.

A look of total relief came on the face of the lucky TSA employee who found the bag. Two TSA employees held the bag open so my son could select his juice. As I held my son's hand and walked away, I wondered if he would use this power for good or evil later in life....


  1. LOL. I remember the first time you told me this story. I would have loved to have seen him in action!

  2. Amazing -we worry about terrorists and shoe bombs and all it takes to take down the TSA is a screaming child... LOL Thanks for the giggle. :)

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies. It was times like the one at the airport that made me wonder about that child. Thank God for grace...