Saturday, April 3, 2010

My son wins the BIG prize at the Northland Mall Easter Egg Hunt

Today I took my son to the Northland Mall Easter Egg Hunt in Southfield. Northland Mall did something different this year by hiding a "Golden" egg that contained a certificate redeemable for a $50 VISA gift card. There were only about 10 kids who were participating in the hunt so I figured that my son has a decent chance of finding the egg. But even I did not think he would actually find it.

When they opened up the play area, all the kids did a wild run and started scooping up eggs. After the last egg had been found, all the kids started opening their eggs to see if they had won. I could not believe it when my son opened up his fifth egg and there was the note proclaiming him the winner!

My kid dashed off immediately to redeem his prize. He was so proud. Even the Easter Bunny came over to congratulate him. Thank you Northland Mall !!! And Happy Easter everyone...


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  1. Congrats to your son. He's a handsome little guy.

  2. How wonderful that your son won! Wonderful that Northland put on the Easter Egg hunt.