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REVIEW: Mom Blogger Day at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, OH

Cedar Point has something for everyone in the family...

Have you ever said "Yes" so fast to an offer that it made your own head spin?  Well that is what happened when I got an offer from The Mom Blogger Club to attend Mom Blogger Day at my favorite local amusement park - Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH.

I have been making a yearly trip to Cedar Point since I was a kid and I took my own son for the first time back in 2008. Cedar Point has one of the biggest collection of roller coasters in North America, so if you are a roller coaster lover, this is the amusement park for you.

Photo from 2008 during my son's 1st visit to Cedar Point
My son proved back on his first trip to Cedar Point in 2008 that he is a true "ride warrior" so we both share a love of the big coasters. One of our favorite is the Millennium Force which goes straight up and down at 93 miles a hour and gives one of the longest and smoothest rides of all the roaster coasters at Cedar Point.

This year, my son is tall enough to ride The Mantis which is a standing roller coaster that goes upside down so many times that I lost count. Although the Mantis was cool, my favorite ride for years has been Sky Hawk, which is a giant swing that swings you 120 feet in the air at 70 miles per hour (very cool).

This trip, we made sure to ride The Windseeker, which takes the traditional swing ride and moves it 301 feet into the air giving you a smooth ride with a wonderful view of the entire park.

Even though Cedar Point is known for roller coasters, the park still has tons of other attractions that the entire family will love. There are lots of traditional carnival rides and games. And to cut down on walking, you have the option of taking a nice train ride or a sky ride through the park.

My son loved the lunch that Cedar Point provided. I loved the shade :)
There are a number of properties with overnight accommodations attached to the park in addition to a beach. And Cedar Point treated all the moms and our families to nice relaxing lunch near the beach attached to The Breakers Hotel. Since it was very hot during out visit, it was wonderful to eat great food under some shade while getting a view of the beach and the water sports.

Peanuts Rule!!!
Disney has Mickey Mouse and the gang and Cedar Point has the Peanuts gang as the park mascots. So when you go, make sure to have your camera out for meet-and-greets with Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Franklin, Lucy, Sally and all the rest of the Peanuts gang.

Party with Charlie Brown and Snoopy!
Make sure you stay for the daily Peanuts Celebration at 5pm where all the characters sing, dance and party for a 15-20 show.  And after the show, you can walk right over to the Snoopy On Ice Show which has always been a family favorite.

It was very hot during our visit so the kids decided to ride Shoot the Rapids to cool off.  Water rides are not my thing, but I was told the ride was worth the wait.  I found a shady tree and a cool beverage while waiting for them :)

Even with the heat, and an unexpected downpour at the end of the day, we loved our visit to Cedar Point for Mom Blogger Day. Cedar Point even treated us to gift bags on our way out of the park.  The kids declared the day "The Best Ever" and I would have to agree.  If Cedar Point does Mom Blogger Day again, I want to be first on the list.


Disclosure: I was invited to Cedar Point for Mom Blogger Day. I and my family and friends received complementary admission, lunch and gift bags. We paid for transportation, parking and any additional food. I have been loving Cedar Point since I was my son's age and all opinions are my own :)

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