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REVIEW: Gain Scented Laundry Products give your clothes a subtle, clean fragrance

Gain wants to make doing the Laundry more fun...

Last month, I received a very unique opportunity courtesy of Gain. The company produced an infographic called "Scents and the Springtime" which listed a very interesting fact.  It turns out that 81% of Americans think that chores are more fun when the cleaning products they use have a great scent. So Gain gave me the opportunity to test this out for myself.

Gain takes the scent in their products very seriously.  They have a "scent expert" on staff named Tim Hittle, otherwise known as the Gain “Scenthropologist” - where can I signup for a job like this?

Tim, who has more than 16 years of experience, is the go-to guy when it comes to finding our perfect scent match. To help me find my perfect scent match, Gain sent me one of their new Rub N’ Smell cards so I could choose some scented Gain products to test out on my next load of laundry.

Ready to do my laundry & try out these scented Gain products...
Gain scented products smell very fresh ...
I did the Rub n' Smell test and I really liked the smell of the scents "Hawaiian Aloha" and  "Sunflower & Sunshine". So Gain sent me some complementary full sized samples of Gain Hawaiian Aloha Laundry Detergent and Gain Sunflower & Sunshine Fabric Softener to test out.

Gain Hawaiian Aloha Laundry Detergent was my favorite of the two. I usually buy unscented products because I am very particular about how my sheets and clothes smell. I don't like over powering scents that clash with my perfume. But I really liked the pineapple and coconut scent of Hawaiian Aloha Detergent. My clothes and sheets just smelled fresh, without a strong fragrance.

For those who like to use fabric softener, the Gain Sunflower & Sunshine Fabric Softener is a great way to get a light clean fresh smell.  I used the fabric softener with some unscented laundry detergent so the smells would not clash. My clothes came out with a very light, subtle fragrance that just smelled clean.

Did I have more fun doing the Laundry???
I really enjoyed using the scented Gain laundry products. Being able to select scents using the Gain Rub N’ Smell cards really gave me a chance to pick my favorite scents without having to go to the store and open each product to take a whiff. Laundry is definitely not my favorite chore, but I have to say that smelling fresh sheets and clothing at the end of the process does make the chore worth while.

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Disclosure: I was sent complementary Gain products for review.  All opinions are my own.

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