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REVIEW: #PreservingMemories through iMemories and The UPS Store #CBias

Preserve Your Precious Memories Online...

Before my son was born, my best friend talked me into buying a video camera.  I really did not understand the value of video since I loved to take photos.  But I found a great video camera on clearance at Sears and bought it - I loved a good bargain even back then.  I was really glad that I listened to my BFF because we were able to get video the day my son came home from the hospital and we shot videos up until he started walking.

The video camera used a tape format that I transferred to VHS. But of course, DVD's came along and VHS became just another discarded video format of the past.  My VHS player went into the trash and my precious video tapes went into storage on a shelf in my son's bedroom. 

I knew that I needed to have those tapes transferred to DVD and online storage, but I never got around to doing it because life just got in the way.  So when I was asked to review a new service that would transfer my precious memories to DVD and online storage, I jumped at the chance.

The service is called iMemories and it is accessed through The UPS Store. iMemories allows you to take all your photos and videos from all the old platforms and move everything to online storage. Then, you and your friends can access all the photos and video and also make new videos which can be transferred to DVD.

Some of my precious photos that I sent to iMemories
My iMemories Experience
The day that I pulled all my videos and photos together to take to The UPS Store was very emotional for me.  I had not seen some of these photos in years. But I also knew exactly which photos I wanted to preserve and I pulled them all and the videos and drove to The UPS Store during my lunch hour at work.

Knowing how precious these photos and videos are to me, it was very hard to hand them over to the manager at The UPS Store, but she was so nice that she removed me fears. She even asked if it was ok to look at my photos and she asked me questions about my son since he is no longer the new born baby in those photos.

The UPS Store Manager boxing up my memories - she really put me at ease...
I had already filled out the iMemories forms with the number of videos and the number of photos I was sending.  The UPS Store manager carefully boxed up all my memories to send to the iMemories team. Also in the box was an iMemories Gift Card for $100 to pay for the service. I was told the box would arrive in about one week.  The cost was $15 to send the box from Detroit to iMemories in Arizonia.

I little over week later, I received an email from iMemories that the box had arrived. Once my photos and videos were online, I actually cried when I saw the videos for the first time. The video of my son coming home from the hospital really got to me.  Even though that day was less than 12 years ago, everyone just looked so young, especially my parents.

The one thing that I was still worried about was getting back my original photos and videos.  I know it is stupid since I had everything online, but I just did not feel right until the originals were back in my possession.  So I called iMemories and they promised to send everything back with signature delivery so that I would be assured of their safe return.

I am so glad that I now have my memories preserved on DVD and online.  iMemories and The UPS Store did a wonderful  job.


To see more photos from my iMemories experience, please view my iMemoires Google+ story at this link.


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