Saturday, December 24, 2011

TECH: Read National and Regional Newspapers for FREE on your Android device with Newspapers USA

Now I'm reading the Detroit News for FREE on my Android tablet :)
Newspapers USA is a FREE 1-Stop-Shop for reading the news on your Android Device

One of the reasons that I wanted to buy a Kindle Fire was to subscribe to the digital Detroit News and Detroit Free Press.  But I quickly found out that most local newspapers are not optimized to run on the  Kindle Fire, so I was out of luck.

So I went looking in the Android Marketplace to see if I could find an app that would allow me to read the local newspapers - and I was successful. The app is called Newspapers USA and it allows me to read both national and regional newspapers with just one app.

Newspapers USA contains feeds for lots of national newspapers including USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. The regional newspapers include The Detroit News, The Detroit Free Press, Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Miami Herald, the New York Times and tons more.

I cam also read People Magazine on Newspapers USA
The app also has feeds from news magazines like People, Sports Illustrated, Time and Black Enterprise. This FREE app can be used to get most of your news in one place, right on your Android device.  If a newspaper that you want is missing from the app, there is a button you can press to put in a request to the app developer.

The FREE version of Newspapers USA contains a small advertisement at the top that really does not stand out.  But if you don't want to see the ad, you can purchase a version of the app with no ads for $1.99.



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