Saturday, April 7, 2012

Verizon Wireless Friends & Family Referral Rewards

Get $25 for every person you refer to Verizon Wireless...

Yesterday, I joined CrowdTap, a program that rewards people for giving their opinion on products and services.  I joined because I saw a message on the Verizon Wireless Facebook Page about becoming a Verizon Wireless CrowdTap VIP.  I figured since I review so many Verizon Wireless devices on my blog, who better than me to be a VIP ;)

One of the things that I learned on CrowdTap is that Verizon Wireless has a Friends & Family Referral Rewards Program where current Verizon Wireless customers can get $25 for every new customer they refer. If the person you refer keeps the account for 31 days, Verizon will send you both a Verizon Wireless Rewards Visa Debit Card worth $25. Refer up to 5 friends and get an additional $25 added to your card for each successful referral.

Since I started reviewing Verizon Wireless devices, I found that a lot of FREEISMYLIFE readers are longtime Verizon Wireless customers who love the service.  And with tons of iPhone customers switching to Verizon Wireless, this Friends & Family Referral Rewards could be a great way for both current Verizon Wireless customers and those switching to make an easy $25.

Check out the Verizon Wireless Friends & Family Referral Rewards Program at this link.


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