Sunday, December 23, 2012

FREE "Santa Call" for the good Boys & Girls, courtesy of Google

Give your kids and friends a FREE totally personalized "Santa Call" that they will love...

Usually, I am not into the whole pre-recorded Santa phone call thing. It all is usually too canned for my taste. But I just had to tell everyone about a different kind of phone call from Santa that good little and big kids will get a kick out of.  I first tried this website two years ago and it is great!!!

The website is called Santa Call ( ) and it is sponsored by Google. You get to really personalize your Santa call with your name, the receiver's name, gifts they want for the holiday, pet names - you know, all the things that the Big Jolly Dude should know.  If don't like some of the personalizations after you listen to the message, you can go back and change them.

I tried this site out two years ago when my son was "kinda" still believing in Santa so I thought this message would be a good way to mark the end of an era. After I picked the options and listened to the message, I was shocked how great it sounded. After finishing the personalizing options, you have the choice to send the message to a phone, send it in an email, or post it to Google+.  If you chose to send it by phone, you can only do so between 8am and 9pm at night.

Adults can have fun with these Santa phone calls also since some of the personalization options are very funny.

"Santa Call" is a fun, cute idea.  The only drawback when I tried it was that Google did a little 10 second advertisement at the end of the call, but that is not bad since it is FREE.


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