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How to get FREEISMYLIFE updates back into your Facebook News Feed

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Where did FREEISMYLIFE Facebook Updates go?

For all the FREEISMYLIFE followers who use Facebook to keep up with our posts, you may be scratching your head wondering what happened to updates from FREEISMYLIFE.  No, we did not stop posting on Facebook. Facebook just stopped allowing our updates into your news feed.

Facebook is trying to make money with their new Promoted Posts, which means they now want people with Facebook Fan Pages to pay to make contact with our own followers. While I applaud anyone who wants to make money, I have spent two years working on building up a Facebook following and now if I include a link or photo promoting my blog, Facebook probably won't allow those posts be seen by my followers without me handing over some cash.

To give an example, I have included two photos of recent Facebook posts from our Facebook page. The first one shown above contains a link to a giveaway that was about to end. I often remind followers that giveaways are ending by posting about it. As you can see, the post was only seen in the news feeds of less than 40 followers. FREEISMYLIFE has over 3200 Facebook followers.

The photo above shows what happens when basically the same information is presented but the link is removed from the post and included instead as a comment on the post.  Now the post is seen by hundreds of followers. Doing it this way is a lot more work because the posts cannot be automated. Since there is no way to do all this work for every post, followers are missing out on lots of great information - and most people on Facebook don't even know it.

EdgeRank is not helping either...
I bet you are wondering why still only 353 people saw the post and not most of the 3200 FREEISMYLIFE Facebook followers? Well in addition to Facebook's Promoted Posts option messing with followers seeing updates, Facebook has also implemented an EdgeRank algorithm that determines who will see what based on some formula only they know. Given all this, it's a wonder anyone sees posts in Facebook that are not paid for.

How YOU can get your FREE back!
But there is a way to ensure that you see all the FREEISMYLIFE updates.  All you have to do is use the following instructions:

1. Go to the FREEISMYLIFE Facebook Page
2. Click on the 'Liked" button and you will see a pull down menu.
3. Using the menu, make sure the "Show in News Feed" option is checked. Choosing this option will ensure that you see all the updates from FREEISMYLIFE no matter what Facebook does with EdgeRank and Promoted Posts.

Unfortunately, you will need to to follow these instructions for EVERY Facebook page you have subscribed to if you want to make sure you see the updates - Painful, but unfortunately necessary if you don't want to miss out on information.

I want to take this time to thank everyone that was subscribed to the FREEISMYLIFE Facebook Page. I work hard to make sure you are in-the-know about freebies, deals, and giveaways and I appreciate each and every follow.

And thanks to Cool Mom Tech for the information used in this post on Facebook EdgeRank and Promoted Posts.


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