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REVIEW: Turn your iPad into a gaming machine with the Duo Gamer Game Controller

The Duo Gamer Game Controller for iPad gives a more "gaming system-like" experience when playing certain Gameloft apps...

My 12 year son is a hard core gamer. He fell in love with video games at age 6 and he still loves to play them to this day. While he loves gaming, I don't love the price of the games. With hot new 3DS games selling for $40 and Wii games for $50-$60, I say "no" more than "yes" to his requests for new games.

But lately, he has started playing game apps on his tablet and tablet versions of video games are a much more reasonable expense with prices averaging around $4-$6 per app. So when I was contacted to review the Duo Gamer Game Controller for iPad I jumped at the chance to see if a bluetooth controller could give my son the same feel as playing a video game on the Wii or 3DS.

The Duo Gamer is an app-supported game controller for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. With two analog joysticks, d-pad, four buttons, and two triggers, the Duo Gamer is advertised as the game controller that allow you to get into the game like never before to play a host of Gameloft's top-rated first-person shooter, role playing, and racing games - all of which are available on the Apple App Store.

When I agreed for my son to try out the Duo Gamer controller, I had hoped it would work with the Gameloft app that he already has - "The Amazing Spiderman." But after I downloaded the Duo Gamer app from the App Store, it indicated that I did not have any games loaded on my iPad that were compatible with the controller. That was when I realized that the controller basically works with shooter games, which makes sense since a player would be forced to tap the screen repeatably to fire for such games and a controller would make playing a whole lot easier.

To test out the controller, I downloaded the Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front Gameloft game, which is FREE in the App Store. My son could not wait to get his hands on the controller after he finished his homework. The controller comes with a game stand for the iPad. But if you have an iPad case that stands your iPad horizontally, you will not need to use the included stand.

My son L-O-V-E-S the Duo Gamer Controller. It really gave him a "gaming system-like" gaming feel while he was playing the Gameloft game app. He only had to touch the iPad screen for minimum moves. I knew the controller was a hit when I had to force him to give up my iPad so I could read my email.

The Duo Gamer Game Controller for iPad is available at retail stores including Target and Best Buy and the Duo Gamer is also available online at Amazon.

The Duo Gamer retails for $40, which is pricey, but I have found that lots of bluetooth devices retail starting at $40 and up. Also the Duo Gamer just took a price reduction to $40 which is half the price of its original retail price of $80.

I would sum up our Duo Gamer experience with the following pros and cons -

- Duo Gamer gives reasonably priced Apple versions of Gameloft apps a more high end gamer feel
- Using the controller allows the shooter to work much less while playing the game
- The bluetooth works great and allows the player to stand the iPad at the optimum viewing level for playing since screen interaction is too a minimum.

- Duo Gamer controller does not work with all Gameloft games and the selection of games that it does work with is very limited.
- The Duo Gamer controller is a little pricey, as are most bluetooth devices.

If you or your teen love playing first person shooter Gameloft games on the iPad, then the Duo Gamer Game Controller for iPad would make a nice holiday gift addition to your gaming equipment.


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Part of the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide


Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary Duo Gamer Game Controller to facilitate this review. I am an Amazon Affiliate member. All opinons are those of myself and my son.

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