Friday, June 28, 2013

DEAL: Extra $10 Store Credit when you Trade-in 3 video games at @Gamestop

I always want more for less...

Earlier this week, my son came into my room with a sheepish look on his face. It's the look that tells me that whatever is about to come out of his mouth is going to cost me money.

He starts in on how it has been a while since he received a new video game and how he "deserves" some new titles. Of course his speech made me laugh since I had no plans of buying him any new games.

I told him that since he wants new games, then it must be time for him to purge a few older games from his extensive collection and trade them in at GameStop for store credit toward new ones. He gave me that "Oh No" look, but then handed over 6 games to sell that he no longer plays.

My son received an extra $10 store credit for his 5 games ;)
I love selling my son's games at Gamestop become they have specials where trades earn even more cash value.

Going on now, you can get an extra $10 store credit for trading in 3 games that each have a value of at least $2 a piece. My son traded in 6 old games and with the extra $10 credit, he received a Gamestop store credit card loaded with $26.50.

In addition to the $10 extra for 3 game trades, Gamestop has other promotions going on too including $35 in extra store-credit for 7 game trade-ins - restrictions apply.

Getting more for less is how I roll :)


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