Tuesday, June 11, 2013

FREE CPR Refresher Campaign "Be a Shield" allows Parents to Brush up on Lifesaving Skills

If someone in your family was in need of CPR, would you know what to do?

When my son was born, I remember it all being a whirlwind of activity from the day I entered the hospital until the day we all went home. But one thing that I remember distinctly was one of the nurses suggesting that we take a CPR class so that we would be prepared if my son was to stop breathing for any reason.  As parents, we want the best for our family so taking a CPR class was the least that I could do to be prepared as a new mom.

If someone in your family was in need of CPR, would you know what to do? Over 70% of adults say they don’t feel comfortable administering CPR.

That's why ACLS National, a medical certification company, is promoting a FREE CPR refresher campaign called "Be a Shield" to improve awareness and knowledge of general lifesaving skills like rescue breathing and chest compressions.

The "Be A Shield" CPR refresher campaign stresses just six steps you can read to help in providing CPR to an adult, child, or infant -

Step 1: Assess Responsiveness
Step 2: Check for a Pulse
Step 3: Chest Compressions
Step 4: Giving Rescue Breathing
Step 5: How to Perform the Heimlich Maneuver
Step 6: Identify and Treat Heat Exhaustion

ACLS National provides certification services to a wide variety of healthcare professions from physicians, nurses, life guards, dentists, pharmacists, personal trainers and other professionals, including those who wish to earn a CPR card in Michigan.

Thanks to ACLS National for partnering with freeismylife.com to help promote this series about CPR knowledge.

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