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The Cheapest Insurance I can have for my New Verizon Blackberry Z10 #VZWvoices #Save

I cannot afford to carry my new Blackberry Z10 smartphone without a good protective case...

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Savers Voices program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

The past 6 months have been rough for some of my friends. One friend's iPad had an unsightly accident at the hands of her son - and a hard kitchen floor. She lived with an awful cracked screen for over a week until she and her husband finally gave in and paid Apple over $100 to replace the screen.

My manager at work found out that his smartphone screen is no match for the locker room floor of his health club. He was without his smartphone for over a week while the screen was being replaced by an out of state repair company. He paid over $120 to have it fixed.

And a co-worker recently slipped and fell in the parking lot - which sent her smartphone flying through the air to land face down on the hard asphalt. She paid her insurance company a deductible of $150 to get a replacement unit - which does not work. She has now been without a working smartphone for two weeks as she fights with the carrier to get a replacement smartphone that actually works - plus she is out the $150 deductible.

What all these folks have in common was that they used their smart devices without protective cases - and lived to regret that decision. After seeing photos of cracked screens and broken smartphones all over the Internet, I will not carry a smartphone without first buying a case for it. I recently bought my son a new smartphone and it sat in the box for over a week until the case I ordered finally arrived in the mail.

This past weekend, I traveled to Chicago as part of my membership in a unique blogger program called the Verizon Savers Voices. I am one of a group of 17 frugal bloggers who each receives a Verizon device and Verizon service in exchange for reporting twice monthly on how we use the devices in our day-to-day frugal lives.

The type of device I was to receive was actually a mystery until I arrived in Chicago, although I was given clues that the device would "SAVE you time and predict your next move" and "create STORIES about saving money."

My new Verizon Blackberry Z10 - personalized the way I like it ;)
During the Chicago event, we each picked up our new device which turned out to be the Verizon Wireless Blackberry Z10 smartphone, which has a predictive keyboard that learns the words you use the most as you type. The Blackberry Z10 also has a Story Maker feature that lets you make your own movies using pictures and video from your smartphone. The Blackberry Z10 is also the first Blackberry device to launch on a super fast 4G LTE network thanks to their partnership with Verizon Wireless.

Based on the clues that were given, I had actually guessed that the device would be a Blackberry Z10 and made sure to do some protective case research before I left for Chicago.

I cannot afford to carry a new smartphone without a protective case. Based on all the money and time my friends have spent replacing and repairing their devices, I think that a protective case is the cheapest insurance I can have for my new Verizon Blackberry Z10.

So here are a few protective and stylish cases that I found for the Blackberry Z10 - and the really good news is that these same cases are also available for other makes of smartphones -

Recently I found out about an online company called that sells stylish device cases at great prices. Some of the cases are even priced less than what I would pay for the same case on Amazon, which really surprised me.

Two Blackberry Z10 cases that I loved on are the Zenus Minimal Diary Case and the Case-mate Zebrawook Artisty Wood Case.

I have a Zenus Diary Case for my current smartphone and I love it. The leather wears like iron and gets softer by the day. The Zenus Minimal Diary Case for the Blackberry Z10 features a handmade design crafted in quality leather with pockets for your credit cards and identification. The phone fits into a carrier that has a lip that ensures the screen will not touch the ground in case of a fall when the flip cover is open. And the leather helps protect the back of the phone. The Zenus Minimal Diary Case for the Blackberry Z10 sells for $37.99 on

If you are looking for a case that is simple, yet stylish, then the Case-Mate Artisty Zebrawood Case fits the bill. This case is constructed of aircraft grade brushed aluminum with a zebrawood inlay on the back. The case is hard wearing and durable, yet stylish and retails for $44.99 on

See all the Blackberry Z10 Cases on the website

Amazon is still the King for Bargain Shopping...
I love cases made from real leather and quality materials like thoses sold on  But I also love a real bargain so I made sure to check out the Blackberry Z10 cases on My search turned up a "faux" leather case that has excellent reviews.

The Fosmon CADDY Series Faux Leather Wallet Case for Blackberry Z10 (affiliate link) looks elegant, protects the Z10 from scratches and drops, and has room for credit cards and identification - all for less than $10!!!

The reviews on this product are all great so I figured I could not go wrong with giving it a try for only $7.95 which includes shipping. The case comes in two colors - an elegant White/Gray/Black and a fun White/Pink/Black.

So with my case on order, you can follow my journey as I start using my Verizon Blackberry Z10 over the next six months. Watch for my next post coming soon...


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