Thursday, March 11, 2010

Movie Review: Our Family Wedding

Tonight I went to an advance screening of the new movie "Our Family Wedding". I received the movie passes courtesy of Fox Search Light Films.

America Ferrera (of Ugly Betty fame) and Lance Gross play a young college couple (Lucia and Marcus) that fall in love despite their differences in race and religious domination. Lucia has dropped out of law school and is engaged to Marcus, but she has not told her hard working Latino dad (played by Carlos Mencia) that Marcus even exists.

Forest Whitaker plays Marcus' single dad (Brad) who is a famous L.A. radio DJ that dates lots of woman half his age, but is really in love with his best friend, played by Regina King. By chance Brad meets Lucia's dad when he comes to tow away his expensive vintage car from a no parking zone. When the two dads discover that their kids are getting married, all hell breaks loose between the two of them. The movie follows all the ups and downs of planning a wedding when the two families involved cannot stand the sight of each other.

America and Lance give very believable performances as a young couple in love. But, Forest Whitaker and Carlos Mencia are the real stars of the movie as we follow their relationship that starts out a hate filled rivalry and ends as a meeting of the minds in their love for their children.

The movie has some really crazy scenes with goats (don't ask) and over the top relatives. But the funniest scene in the whole movie (and the best chemistry between the fathers) is when the two dads go to a night club where they get drunk, do things that any child would be disgusted by, and end up in jail.

The movie is overall very cute and enjoyable. "Our Family Wedding" opens this Friday, March 12th.


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