Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Movie Review: Repo Men

Tonight, I went to an advance screening of the new movie "Repo Men". I received the movie passes courtesy of Universal Pictures.

"Repo Men" tells the strange tale of two childhood friends, Remy and Jake, played by Jude Law and Forest Whitaker who live in a world where body parts are repossessed from people like cars and houses.

Let's say you need a liver transplant to survive. You sign up for a "payment plan" and you are given a new organ. But you better pay up, because if you don't, the Repo Men are coming to perform a little impromptu surgery from which you will not recover.

Life is going pretty good for Remy and Jake until Remy has an accident that leaves him needing a new heart. But the new heart does more than just save his life, it also alters his conscience and he can no longer kill people for parts. When he falls behind on his own payments, the hunter becomes the hunted.

The movie is wild and dark. There are so many "repossessions" performed during this movie that you become almost immune to the blood and guts after a while. But, it is also well acted and leaves the audience wanting Remy to find a way out of this mess and help all the others in the same situation. The movie captures your attention from the beginning to end and draws you into a world that you hope will never exist.

But a warning to parents. A lot of people brought there kids to this movie and believe me, this is not a movie for small children. It is rated "R" for a good reason. Also, don't walk out of this movie until the final credits roll. You will understand why (and thank me) when you go to see it.

"Repo Men" opens this Friday, March 19, 2010.


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