Tuesday, March 9, 2010

REVIEW: "Smooth as Ice"- Beauty the Detroit Way

Softening the World, One Body at a Time

Over the past two weeks, I have had the pleasure of trying out a Detroit based product. Yes, a product made right here in the Detroit metro area. The company is called "Smooth As Ice" and the products are all natural exfoliating body scrubs and nourishing body butters.

Being as frugal as I am and not having a lot of time, my beauty product store of choice is usually Target, or if I am feeling really good, The Body Shop. So I felt truly special to have a body scrub and body butter mixed up especially for me. Yes, the owner of "Smooth As Ice", Kesha Williams, asked me what fragrances I wanted and mixed the items just for me.

Kesha is a wife, mother, and native of Romulus, MI who sells her lotions and potions online through her website http://www.smoothasicescrubs.com/

The "Smooth as Ice" products are great. The products has 5 different natural oils in the base, each having its own special benefits which softens & moisturizes your skin. The products also contain no artificial preservatives or alcohol. When I opened my test products they smelled wonderful. The fragrance was lemongrass mixed with a hint of sage. I first applied the body scrub and I followed the directions to mix up the crystals before applying them to my loofah. My skin was shining after my shower and I smelled great.

I next applied the body butter. This body butter is different from the ones I usually buy. Most body butters that I have used have a consistency of a thick, smooth cream. The "Smooth As Ice" body butter looks like, well, butter. It is very thick and you can turn the open container upside down and shake it and the body butter will not move. Because of the thickness of the butter, I did not need to apply a lot to my skin so the product will go a long way in its application. I loved the feel of the body butter and my usual winter ashy skin looked and felt smooth and soft. After two weeks of use, I am still loving the products and the results on my skin.

The Smooth as Ice Body Scrubs are $16 each for 8 oz and the Smooth as Ice Body Butters are $10 each for 4 oz. And remember the products are all natural. Shipping is FREE (my favorite word) for local delivery. There is a shipping charge for deliveries outside of the local area, but Kesha does run FREE shipping promotions through the year.

Kesha Williams, Founder of "Smooth as Ice"
Another thing that I love about "Smooth as Ice" is that the company is committed to helping the Detroit area community. If you become a follower of "Smooth as Ice" on Facebook, Kesha will donate 5 cents per fan to a family in need in the Westwood School District.

Soft Skin + All Natural Products + Detroit Made + Community Involvement = Smooth As Ice.

Disclosure: Complimentary products were provided to me for the purposes of conducting this review.


  1. Thanks for doing this review on Kesha's products...She has been working very hard on softening the world, and I am very proud of her.

  2. Congradulations Kesha; she has made her first national dayvue, I am very proud of my neice she is carrying on the legacy of her grandmother "Miss Edie" you go girl love you. Thank you for your supporting her Jackie in this review.