Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Review: The Soweto Gospel Choir at the DSO

The Soweto Gospel Choir: Totally Amazing!

The choir that hails from South Africa, that has toured the world, that has numerous hits on Billboard Music Charts, and that has appeared on countless TV shows, amazed Detroiters last night at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

The Soweto Gospel Choir appeared for one night only at the DSO and it was a totally amazing performance. I arrived at the DSO tired from my long day and I left feeling great, swaying from side to side and singing out loud.

Their performance was a mixer of traditional African music, inspirational music and gospel music with a lot of laughter and high jinks thrown in to totally delight the audience.

I had a number of favorite performances from the night. The first was the choir's wonderful rendition of "Bridge Over Troubled Waters". The entire audience was getting emotional and people started clapping and swaying to the music. I also loved "Oh It is Jesus". I felt like I was in church and everyone in the audience that knew the words started singing along. The funniest part of the night was the men's performance of "The Catina" where the drummers sat a table and played a tune with silverware and drinking glasses. The men were great and received much laughter and cheers from the audience.

The evening ended with the songs "Prayer for South African", "Africa", and "World in Union" which had everyone up on their feet and enticed people to start throwing money on the stage!

The performance of the Soweto Gospel Choir was engaging, moving, humorous, spiritual, and totally delightful. Everyone left the DSO a little lighter and a lot happier. I want to thank the DSO for supplying me with complimentary tickets to this concert. It made my day.


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