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Blogging and the City - BlogHer 2010: Great CHEAP food in New York under $20

Pazza Notte Restaurant
Follow Your Nose to Great, Cheap Food in NY

While New York can be an expensive city to visit, I found out that you can get great food there for a very reasonable price - all you have to do is follow your nose.

Although most of the food I ate in New York was included as part of the BlogHer conference, I did make it out into the city to experience local dining. And I followed my nose to two wonderful and reasonably priced restaurants.

Pazza Notte

On my first day in New York, after checking into the hotel, I was ready to chow down. Airplane pretzels and pop will only get a girl so far. So, I let my nose led me down the street from the Hilton Hotel to Pazza Notte on 1375 6th Street. It was 11:30am and the smells coming from the restaurant were wonderful! And their lunch menu was the deal of the century - $19 for a three course meal that included a appetizer, main course, and a desert. This deal is called "The Recession Special".

I was with Laura from and neither of us could believe that $19 was really going to get us a three course meal, but we were more than willing to give it a try.

Everything on "The Recession Special" menu sounded wonderful. For the first course, I choose the Quattro Formaggi Bruchetta which is warm grilled bread covered with mozzarella, fontina, goat cheese and parmesan. Your mouth is watering right now, isn't it?? It was yummy and I knew my waistline was about to expand on this trip to New York.

For my second course, I had the Pollo Alla Cajun which is a thinly sliced pan seared cajun chicken breast served in a white wine butter sauce. You're getting hungry now, aren't you??  And this chicken breast was served with a generous helping of golden fries. From the first bite, I was licking my lips and I think my eyes were closed and I was making purring sounds. Laura also had the Pollo Alla Cajun and at one point we kind of looked at each other while silently saying "Girl, this chicken is good!". I see why the menu lists the Pollo Alla Cajun as the owner's favorite menu choice.

For my dessert, I had the Tiramisu. Since I am not a coffee lover, I was not sure about ordering the Tiramisu, but I was loving the creamy filling and before I knew it, the whole thing was gone.

After our meal, Laura and I just sat at our table and enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant, the New York patrons and watching the people walk by the beautiful floor to ceiling front window of the restaurant. We had a wonderful time at Pazza Notte and all for only $19 each plus tip. This meal was a wonderful way to start out the Blogher conference in New York. Here's to Pazza Notte and their Recession Special!!!

Hill Country Barbecue Market

After the BlogHer conference was over on Sunday, Laura and I changed hotels to the Chelsea area so we could stay an extra day in New York and do some sightseeing. After we checked into the Hotel Indigo (I will tell you about this hotel in another blog post), I again let me nose lead me to some good smelling food.

Hill Country Barbecue Market is located at 30 West 26th Street and they had a Sunday night special going on where Laura and I both ate for only $20 total. Hello!

It was a beautiful evening and we sat out on the porch of the restaurant. The waitress told us that she was only there to bring us drinks and that we had to go inside and pick up our food from the different stations. The Sunday Special was called "Feed Your Family for $20" so we figured there should be enough food for the two of us. $20 got us pork ribs, brisket, and chicken as our meats with two sides and a dessert to share. For the sides we ordered PTL Potato Salad and Sweet Potato Bourbon Mash. And for dessert we had a huge German Chocolate Cupcake.

Everything was great - top to bottom. While I would not try to feed a family of 4, there was plenty of everything for the two of us. All the meats were well seasoned and tender. They gave us a very generous helping of both sides and that German Chocolate Cupcake was wonderful. And getting to eat all this great food while sitting outside in beautiful weather made the experience great. When I gave the cashier my $10 share of the bill, I felt even better.

So you see that $30 per person bought Laura and me some really good eating in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Do you think I could be the next "$40 a day with Rachael Ray"? Travel Channel, here I come...

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