Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blogging and the City - BlogHer 2010: The SocialLuxe Party and an AVERY GIVEAWAY

The BEST Party at BlogHer!

I need to start out this review by stating that the SocialLuxe Party was probably the best overall party at BlogHer - and probably the hardest party for which to get a ticket.  Ten minutes after the registration opened, all the tickets were gone so I felt fortunate just to be in the house.

Thanks to Everyone that Voted for ME!!
This party was also special for me because I had been nominated for a SocialLuxe BlogLuxe award in the category "Blogs That I have Learned the Most From".  I know a lot of you voted for me, and although I did not win, I truly appreciated each and every vote.

Massive Over the Top Swag!
The SocialLuxe party was held at the Arena in Manhattan. As we entered the building, each blogger was handed a swag bag the size of my house.  It was the biggest bag of swag I had ever seen so I knew this evening was going to be great.  A few of the sponsors for the party were Avery, stride ride, Aveda, Frito Lays and Ghiradelli Chocolate.

Pamper Me!!!!
Frito Lays had big bowls of their products along with a champagne bar.  I was munching on chips and sipping champagne as I walked around to see all the great sponsors. This party was all about pampering.  Ghiradelli Chocolate had all their products on display and not samples, but the full products.  Aveda was giving full makeovers including neck, shoulder, back, scalp and hand massages, hair styling, manicures and full makeup application.  The massage was so good that I almost fell asleep.

Personalized just for ME!!!
Weeks before the party, I received an email from party sponsor Avery to make a personalized binder on their website  I customized a binder for my website adding avatar pictures and website shots. During the party, Avery presented each blogger with our customized binders and they all turned out wonderful!!  And they presented each of us with not just one, but two binders in different colors.  Avery, you are the best!

This was a wonderful party from top to bottom and I see why the tickets to this event go so fast.  I want to thank the sponsors and the organizers (listed below) for putting on one fantastic party that was over the top Lux!

- Allison Czarnecki, Petit Elefant
- Marie LeBaron, Make and Takes
- Jane Maynard, This Week for Dinner

How would you like to make your own Avery custom binder for FREE? These customized binders retail for $25 each on the Avery website. This giveaway is for a one time use promotional code that will allow you to create your own Avery custom binder with free shipping included. HOLLA to the FREE!


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Good Luck!




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