Wednesday, August 25, 2010

FREE Flowers on 9/1 for FTD Good Neighbor Day

FTD® Good Neighbor Day® 2010
Friendship & Goodwill
FTD Good Neighbor Day The 16th Annual FTD® Good Neighbor Day® holiday will take place on September 1st, 2010. Hundreds of FTD florists across the U.S. are planning exciting local events, gathering sponsors, making philanthropic relationships and helping to spread friendship and kindness to their neighbors through the distribution of free floral bouquets.

Gift of Flowers
FTD florists have celebrated FTD® Good Neighbor Day® since 1994, encouraging all neighbors to help create a friendlier, more caring and compassionate world through the gift of flowers. That's why customers are encouraged to keep one flower for themselves and give the others away — brightening the day of many other people

Find a Participating FTD Florist in your neighborhood.

Here is the list of participating florists in Michigan:
Accent Florist, Troy, MI
Barlow Florist, Hastings, MI
Clarabella Flowers, Clare, MI
Della's Maple Lane Florist, Troy, MI
Della's Maple Lane Florist, Waterford, MI
Hartland Flowers, Inc, Hartland, MI
Magical Creations, Colon, MI
My Lady's Florist, Westland, MI
Sunshine Floral, Crystal Falls, MI 

(Thanks to reader Brenda Meller for this info)

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