Saturday, November 27, 2010

REVIEW: Road Rippers Radio Control Mobile Command Car

The Road Rippers R/C Mobile Command Car is one Stylish, Tough Cookie!

Road Rippers has a new line of deluxe sports cars that are pretty cool. Each car is designed after a popular licensed sports car.  The car that I was given for review is a model of the Dodge Challenger. The remote is shaped like a walkie-talkie and not only controls the car, but also plays music and makes real life vehicle sounds.

You will need wire cutters or good scissors to get the vehicle and the remote out of the sturdy packaging.  One of the problems that I have had with toy cars in the past is getting the screw out of the door on the bottom of the car to insert batteries.  I had no such problems with this car.  The screw came out with a regular phillips screwdriver and I was able to insert the 4 AA batteries without any issues.  The remote also takes 3 AA batteries that were already inserted.

The remote has buttons for forward, reverse, right, and left.  You can press combinations on the remote like forward+right to make the car go in a circle.  There are also buttons for a horn, music, and sayings such as "Hang On! Rough Roads Ahead", "Burn Rubber Baby" and the rebel yell.

When the car is going forward, the head lights turn on which is very cool.  We tried out the vehicle on the flat tile of the kitchen and also shag carpet and nothing stops this car.  This tough car survived the kids dropping it repeatably from about 3 feet in the air and also stepping on it! - I was very impressed!!!

The Road Rippers R/C Mobile Command Car can be found at (affiliate link) and would make a great holiday gift.  It retails for $35.00 and is recommended for ages 7+. Now, click on the play button below to see the car in action...

Click here if video is not shown

Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary Road Rippers R/C Mobile Command Car for the purpose of writing this review.

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