Thursday, December 16, 2010

FREE Holiday Travel Tips from Embassy Suites Facebook Community

Embassy Suites Hotels’ Facebook Community Shares Top Tips for Smooth Holiday Travels

Embassy Suites Hotels just announced its top 10 seasonal travel tips, which were gathered from the hotel’s 50,000-member Facebook community. The tips ranged from the savvy to the quirky, including:

1. “I check to see if the town and venue we are visiting has a Facebook page for tips and recommendations on restaurants, events, special offers, and shopping links. We always learn something from the locals”

--Barbara, Apex NC

2. “Since my husband's shoes are much bigger, I put my shoes, my daughter's shoes, and anything that fits, directly inside of them. No longer do his shoes take up the entire suitcase, but we can maximize space and keep the shape of his shoes. Never knew I would literally have to ‘fill his shoes.’”

-- Michelle, Denver, CO

3. “So I don't forget anything, I set aside a laundry basket to hold items I want to pack a day or two before a trip. When I run across something, I place it in the basket. When I finally go to pack, I don’t have to rely on my memory!”

--Gina, Rogers, AR

Over the past four weeks, Embassy Suites Hotels spread holiday cheer by offering its Facebook community the chance to receive a care package in exchange for submitting their best travel tips via the “Travel Tips” tab on the official Embassy Suites Hotels Facebook page. The result was an outpouring of advice, with tips addressing topical items like airport security, savvy packing and keeping the kids occupied.

“We love seeing our online community get vocal about their travel habits,” said John Lee, vice president - Brand Marketing for Embassy Suites Hotels, Hilton Worldwide. “Embassy Suites is committed to ensuring easy, comfortable holiday travel with amenities like two-room suites and complimentary cooked-to-order breakfast, but we’re always paying attention to other creative ways for our guests to stay smart on the road.”

The rest of the top ten tips, also available in the Top 10 Tips Showcase on the official Embassy Suites Facebook page at are (in random order):

4. “Have toiletries ready to go, so you have more time to pack presents and other items! I keep a small tote bag full of all my toiletries all year long so when it's time to hit the road I don't have to go searching through my bathroom for my shampoo, toothpaste, soap, etc. I just grab the bag, throw it in my suitcase and go.”

-- Jennifer, Winter Park, FL

5. “Remind the family to always bring a bathing suit no matter what. Cold vacations also include heated pools and Jacuzzis. Nothing worse than a child with a sad face looking at the pool from floors above.”

--Danielle, Lancaster CA

6. “Split up clothes when traveling with others, this way if one person’s luggage gets lost you'll still have clean clothes available.”

--Marcia, Conifer, CO

7. “Cut & pack half a tennis ball and tuck a bag of powdered laundry soap in it. Flip the tennis ball inside out as a sink stopper and you can do emergency laundry in your hotel room anytime.”

--Susan, Oklahoma City, OK

8. “Ever fall asleep on a plane and miss the drink cart? Write a sticky note or use the back of your business card to write a nice, ‘Sorry I missed you but would love a water when I wake up, thank you!’”

--Jer, Punta Gorda, FL

9. Hide a few small packages or notes around the house when you’re traveling for business during the holidays, and then text clues to your family from the road. It's a great way to stay connected and stay in the spirit of the holidays when you're out of town.

--Meredith, Romeoville, IL

10. Purchase a few all-purpose gift cards before your trip – they are the #1 most requested gift this holiday season. They are easy to pack and will allow you to have a Christmas present for that unexpected gift giving opportunity or a gratuity for someone who provides you with exceptional service.

--Kim, Greenwich, CT


Disclosure: I was sent an Embassy Suites travel kit but was not compensated for this post.

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