Monday, December 20, 2010

FREE "Send A Call From Santa" from Google Voice

FREE "Send A Call From Santa" is a fun, cute idea from Google Voice 

UPDATE 12/22/2011 - Google now has included video in addition to audio.  The video can be shared via email or Google+

Usually, I am not into the whole pre-recorded Santa phone call thing. It all is usually too canned for my taste. But I just had to tell everyone about a different kind of phone call from Santa that good little and big kids will get a kick out of.

The website is called Send A Call From Santa dot com ) and it is sponsored by Google Voice. You get to really personalize your Santa call with your name, the receiver's name, favorite foods, favorite activities, pet names - you know, all the things that the Big Jolly Dude should know.

This is my son's last year "kinda" believing in Santa so I thought this message would be a good way to mark the end of an era. After I picked the options and listened to the message, I was shocked how great it sounded. After finishing the personalizing options, I had the choice to send the message to a phone, send it in an email, or post it on Facebook or Twitter. I choose to send the message to my son's cell phone and you should have seen his smile when he heard it - priceless!

Adults can have fun with these Santa phone calls also since some of the personalization options are very funny.

"Send A Call From Santa" is a fun, cute idea.  The only drawback is that Google Voice does a little 10 second advertisement at the end of the call, but that is not bad since it is FREE.


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