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REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Lose the Cords with Powermat (CLOSED)

Powermat provides portable charging on the go for thousands of devices...

One of the things that I L-O-V-E about blogging is that it gives me the opportunity to try out new products and one of the brands that I have wanted to try for a while is Powermat.  If most of you are like me, there are tons of electronics in the your home that need to be charged.  In my house that list includes all the cellphones, the camera, and my son's favorite thing in the world - his Nintendo DS. I actually have a drawer where I keep all the charging cables so that I can keep up with them all. So when I heard about Powermat, I wanted to see if it is really as the name states - and I found that it is.

Portable Powermat x3
Power That Can Go Anywhere!
I was sent for review the Portable Powermat with Powercube which can be used to charge up to three devices and then folds up into a 4x4 inch cube to pack away in a totally cute travel case.

Whoever designed this system knew what they were doing. Not only does the mat fold up neatly, but also the power supply.  The cord wraps around the power supply into a 4x1 inch block that also stows neatly into the Powermat carrying case. I am totally impressed by this portable design that allows the entire system to travel easily from place to place.

Receiver for the Nintendo DS Lite
Charge Me!
In order for the mat to do its job, each device needs it's own receiver.  I was sent two receivers to review - one for my iPhone 3G and another for my son's Nintendo DS.  The receiver for the Nintendo DS is made from a hard plastic that wraps around the bottom of the system and plugs into the charging outlet.  It is designed to stay on as part of the gaming system.  My son has now had it own his DS for 3 days and he does not even notice it. 

The iPhone receiver is a hard two piece shell that looks just like any iPhone cover.  It also is designed to stay on as part of the phone.  Each receiver has a charging pad on the back of the unit.  When the charging pad is put onto the mat, a beep sounds and the device lights up to tell you that it is now being charged.  My son's DS actually charged faster with the Powermat than it does with the regular charging code.  My iPhone also charged faster. 

Universal Powercube Receiver
This Thing is Universal!
Powermat currently makes receivers for the Nintendo DS, Motorola Droid X, HTC EVO and HD2, the BlackBerry, and the iPhone and iPod. But you are not out of luck if you have another style or brand of device.

Powermat also makes the Universal Powercube Receiver (included with my Portable Powermat) that has 7 adapter tips for the Mini USB, Micro USB, Samsung, LG, Apple, Nintendo DSi and Sony PSP. These tips can be used to charge over a thousand different devices including bluetooth headsets, GPSs, e-Readers, portable game consoles, phones and cameras.

Select the appropriate tip and you can charge the device by placing the Powercube onto the Powermat as shown in the photo above. In terms of good design for traveling, the Universal Powercube Receiver is as well designed as the Portable Powermat. The green cord wraps around the unit and tucks in so that it disappears when stowed. The Powercube also comes with a case to store up to 3 tips.

I am totally impressed by the Powermat system - from the design to the function. I like that I can just leave the unit in place or pack it up in that cute case to take it on the road. I also love how the receivers are integrated into the units so that they they are not noticeable. So if you are ready to get rid of your cords, then the Powermat system is a great way to go.

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Note: Other device owners can still enter this contest, but you would have to buy the Powermat receiver that fits your device.


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Congratulations to the winner of the Powermat System, Jeff L. of Waterford !!!

Disclosure: I was given a complimentary Portable Powermat and 2 receivers for the purpose of writing this review and stating my unbias opinion.

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