Wednesday, December 8, 2010

REVIEW: Ford Motor Company WINS 3 Popular Mechanics "10 BEST" Auto Excellence Awards

Larry Webster from Popular Mechanics & Ford VP Barb Samardzich
hold the Best Fuel Efficiency Award over the 2011 Ford Fiesta
photo credit - J Harper
Ford Wins Big in the 2011 "10 Best" List

Today, I and my co-workers are all very proud to be Ford employees. At 1:15pm in the World Headquarters Auditorium in Dearborn, the automotive editor of Popular Mechanics magazine presented Vice President of Powertrain Engineering of Ford Motor Company, Barb Samardzich, with not one, but three prestigious vehicle awards.

This year Ford received three of  the"10 Best" Popular Mechanics Auto Excellence Awards, more than any other manufacturer.  Here are the category wins:

2011 Ford Fiesta - Best Fuel Efficiency
2011 Ford Mustang - Best Performance
2011 Ford Super Duty F-250 - Workhorse

After all the troubles in the last few years with the Detroit auto industry, is was really a wonderful feeling to sit in the Ford World Headquarters Auditorium and hear some excellent news about Ford Motor Company products.

The publisher of Popular Mechanics joked that he got to drive a Ford Mustang for a weekend and he was the envy of every middle-aged man in his neighborhood.  Larry Webster, the automotive editor at Popular Mechanics said "Ford has the most enviable product portfolio in the industry."

Although Ford did not need to take any of the government bailout money to stay afloat, I hope all the senators and congressmen in Washington now understand that the auto industry is still alive and thriving right here in Detroit - thank you very much!

Ford Fiesta was praised as a great car that needs no costly batteries or electric motors to be fuel efficient. And it's fun to drive.  I should know since I won the use of one for 5 days ...  

The Best Performance award was given to the entire line of Ford Mustangs as oppose to just one model of Mustang.  

And the Ford Super Duty was praised as being true to the name of the award - a workhorse.


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