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My Adventures in Brandcation 2010: Kissimmee, FL: Sleuths Mystery Dinner & Arabian Nights

All the Mom Bloggers at Arabian Nights in Kissimmee
Nights in Kissimmee

This is the last post in my travel review series called My Adventures in Brandcation: Kissimmee where I am reviewing my recent trip to Kissimmee Florida to attend Brandcation 2010.

Monday, I told you about the beautiful gated vacation home community where I stayed called Global Resort Homes. Tuesday, I wrote about one of the blogger excursions that we took to the Florida EcoSafaries for Indiana Jones type zipling through the Florida wilderness. And Wednesday, I told you about our excursion to gator country at Bloggy Creek Airboat Tours and Gatorland.

Now I want to tell you about how we spent our evenings in Kissimmee which were filled with some unusual entertainment that I would not have thought to go to on my own.

On Friday night, we all went to Sleuths Mystery Dinner Theater which consisted of food, drink, and a mystery show complete with a drag queen. The meal choices are either lasagna with meatballs or cornish game hens. Beer, wine, sodas, and tea are all unlimited. The show is interactive with some of the audience ending up on stage as part of the comedy skit. During our performance, an eight year old girl from the audience stole the entire show.

On Saturday night, we all went to see Arabian Nights which is dinner theater built around a horse arena.  I had no idea how popular Arabian Nights is in Kissimmee. The place was packed to the gills! The pre-show entertainment is belly dancing that gets the crowd involved.

After the belly dancing, everyone goes in to the arena where servers are scurrying around bringing food and drink while the show is being performed. The show is about a young girl who dreams of being an Arabian princess and all the adventures in her dream. Arabian Nights features riders and acrobats performing with more than 60 horses, including Walter Farley's Black Stallion.

So that's it for my Brandcation 2010 Kissimmee adventure. It was very nice each night after our adventures to return to our fabulous accommodations at Global Resort Homes. On my last night in Kissimmee, some of the moms decided to "hot tub" dispute the cold weather.  Yes, some of the Global Resorts Homes have hot tubs in the backyard for even more vacation pampering.

Some mom bloggers stayed an extra day to go to Disney World, but I jetted on back to the D (minus all the swag that I did not want to pay for on Air Trans). will be doing another Brandcation in 2011 to New Orleans. So if you are a mom blogger, check out Trisha Haas at

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Disclosure: I paid for my own airfare and received all Brandcation related lodging and activities at a substantially discounted price.

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