Sunday, December 12, 2010

Get Target Gift Cards with the Target Electronics Trade-In Program

Target Electronics Trade-In Program = Target Gift Cards

Target Electronics Trade-In encourages guests to be eco-friendly by trading in old electronics devices and in return guests will receive credit towards any Target purchase. Guests can bring new or used iPhones, iPods, cell phones (no flip phones) and video games into stores that feature Target Mobile centers and receive credit good for any purchase at Target. 

Guests can simply bring their item to the Target Mobile counter for appraisal, decide if they want to trade in the item and receive credit that can be used instantly at Target. Guests can receive amounts from a few dollars up to more than $200 per item depending on the product and its condition. 

Appraisals are done by a representative at the Target Mobile center. The Target Mobile Center, a partnership with RadioShack, is an in-store wireless shopping station that enable Target guests to purchase mobile phones and activate contracts from some of the nation's top carriers.

I stopped in at the Target Mobile counter at the Target store located at 30333 Southfield Road in Southfield.  I was offered $85 for my used iPhone by Target Mobile Center representative Craig Towers.  Craig wanted everyone to know that the Target Trade-in Program is a good deal for people looking to upgrade their current iPhone to the iPhone 4.  Since the trade-in value of a used iPhone is high, a customer typically would have to pay a little over $120 to upgrade to an iPhone 4 at Target.  This is a good deal if you don't want to go to the trouble of selling the phone yourself on eBay.

I plan to bring in some of my son's used Wii games to see if the Target trade-in price is on par with the trade from Gamestop.  If the trade-in is roughly the same, I would sure prefer a Target gift card to getting a Gamestop gift card.  


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