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REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Cool, Well-made Luggage Tags for your Bags from YourBagTag™ - ENDS 5/3 (CLOSED)

Unique and Stylish Wins My Vote Every Time!

Let me tell you one of the worst kept secrets on the planet: I LOVE BAGS!  Any kind of bags.  Handbags. Briefcases. Tote Bags. Shoulder Bags. Saddle Bags. Lunch Bags. Luggage. I love them all.

So when I was asked to review a line of luggage and identification tags by a family owned company called YourBagTag™, I was all in.

Now when it comes to bags and identification bag tags, I am a hard grader.  I want my ID tags to be just as fashionable and just as sturdy as the luggage itself.  Well, I am happy to report that YourBagTag™ line of ID tags are very fashionable while also being very well made.

So many options that I nearly lost my mind - In a Good Way!
The owners of YourBagTag™ are Steve & Rebecca Wilson, who since 2006, have shipped over 15,000 tags to their thousands of customers. They very kindly offered me the option of designing my own luggage tags so I was like a kid in a candy store when I went to their website.

But I do have to say that even I was amazed by the number of style options available. I realized that I could choose from hundreds and different combinations to design a really unique tag that would show my personality.

Standard Issue is not so Standard Any More
I have a standard issue laptop at my job and every employee is given the exact same laptop bag so I wanted a tag that would be professional but make my bag easily identifiable.  I choose a black tag with blue block lettering and a polkadot ribbon strap.  Now everyone knows to whom this laptop belongs.

I'm a Fashionable Blogger
Since I carry around a lot of equipment for blogging (camera, video recorder, cords, extra memory cards, a battery backup, paper/pen, and a smartphone), my white and gray Golla "blogger bag" is very important to me and I wanted a tag that would be as fashionable as the bag itself.  So I choose a silver tag with white script lettering and a stainless steel cable strap.  I am totally in love with how it turned out and it goes perfectly with the bag.  The stainless steel cable was the perfect choice for attaching the tag to this stylish bag.

Sturdy Enough for the Kids Too!
There was no way that I could not get my son a tag for his video game bag and I wanted something very very sturdy. So I choose a bright blue tag with while block lettering with a matching blue carabiner to attach it to his bag.  It turned out great.  It is very child friendly and very fashionable.

Great Customer Service!
There was an error with my order (one of my cables was missing) so owner and designer Recebba Wilson surprised me by not only fixing the order by shipping out the missing cable next day (that is great customer service) but by also shipping me another tag which she designed for me. This one I am using on my netbook case. It is sliver with red block lettering and a stainless steel cable strap.  I could not have designed it better myself.

YourBagTag™ gave me a wonderful experience from top to bottom.  All the tags are priced at $12 each and the shipping for my all 3 tags total was only $3.73. I was very impressed by the design options, the craftsmanship of the tags and the awesome customer service.  They definitely get an A++ in my book!!!

One FREEISMYLIFE reader will win 3 personalized bag tags courtesy of YourBagTag™. A $40 Value. HOLLA to the FREE!


- Fill out the entry form below.

- Be sure to tell me why me want to win these very cool luggage tags.  Is it because of the cool colors? The many personalization options? The unique attachment options from ribbons to cables?  Or just the fact that the options to create a really unique luggage tag are endless?  I will post the best reasons on my Facebook page so be creative.

- This giveaway ends on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at Noon.

- USA addresses only

- One winner will be selected in a random drawing

- Prize fulfillment will be provided by YourBagTag

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Disclosure: I received complementary personalized luggage tags for the purpose of writing this review.  I was compensated for my time to write this review, but all opinions are my own.


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