Tuesday, August 2, 2011

FREE Admission to Sams Club for Back to School Open House 8/5-8/7

Sam’s Club ® Opens Doors to Everyone for Back to College Savings
When moms of today’s college students went off to college, they sought spiral notebooks, calculators and typewriters. Times and technology have changed; today’s college students are shopping for tablets and smartphones. Even planning the back to college shopping list has evolved - and is no longer written in that spiral notebook - one thing remains the same, moms are focused on finding great values and Sam’s Clubdelivers on the right products all in one place.
To make back to college shopping easier with great deals on top items, Sam’s Club will also be hosting an Open House August 5-7 for members and non-members alike.
A recent survey targeting approximately 15,000 moms*, found that saving time and money were the two most important factors when shopping with their child for back to college. Nine percent of moms surveyed named purchasing the latest technology as the next most important factor for items on the back-to-college shopping list today. Of the moms who responded to the survey, 44 percent listed a spiral notebook as the most important item to have when they started college. A calculator was the second most important item with 23 percent of moms naming this the most popular item during their collegiate years.
When asked about the most essential back to college items for today’s college students, 80 percent of moms surveyed listed laptops as the top item, followed by tablets, smartphones and netbooks. Sam’s Club back-to-college offerings are aligned with these survey findings. It also offers significant value over traditional retailers with full solutions, from organizational supplies to high-tech gear; the retailer has everything college students need to succeed, while saving money with every purchase.
CE Selection for the Dorm, Class and on the Go: Sam’s Club is the back to college headquarters, offering quality brands and products moms can trust. Back to college electronic must-haves include:
Back to College Dorm Essentials: From towels and sheets to coffee makers, Sam’s Club has everything mom needs to stock the dorm rooms of her college bound kids at a great value, including:  
Organize Your Life (and Dorm Room) for College: In many cases, this may be the first time college bound kids will live anywhere else beyond their parent’s home. Sam’s Club can help students stay on track and make the most of dorm room space with organizational items such as:
Sam’s Club makes it easy to compare product offerings and prices with other retailers using its app, available for iPhone, Blackberry and Android platforms. The retailer recently launched a website, SamsClub.com/CollegeSavings, to help moms and students find the best values on the top items for back to college.
College Savings 101 Facebook Sweepstakes
It’s no secret that when it comes to money-saving advice, moms are the best resource. Sam’s Club is asking moms and students to share tips for saving money in college. To share a money-saving tip, visit Sam’s Club on Facebook.
Keep the Dorm Stocked all Year
Sam’s Club offers a Collegiate Membership to students with valid university IDs to help them keep the dorm room stocked all year long. College students also receive a $15 gift card with the purchase of a Collegiate Membership and each membership comes with a second membership card to share with a roommate.
For additional back to college information including shopping lists and tips for first time college students, visit SamsClub.com/CollegeSavings.  

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